Belfast Area Peewee Football League games were back in force Oct. 9 and 11.

On Columbus Day, games for the younger players were held at Troy Howard Middle School. The Rams beat the Chiefs 6-0 and the Vikings bested the Dolphins 18-6.

In the second quarter, Ram Shane Alley scored on a 20-yard run and the extra-point attempt failed. The Rams threatened again in the third quarter as Ben Sniger ran for 15 and 20 yards, but was stopped by Chiefs Don Resh, Dylan Clark, James Fortney and Cyrus Resh. Late in the fourth quarter, Ram Hunter Thompson ran for 30 yards, but was stopped short of the end zone by Chiefs Raymond Brown, Madison Larrabee, Drew Robson and Resh to end with game.

In the second game, Viking quarterback Andrew Ankles handed the ball to Grady Doolan, who ran 30 yards for the touchdown. The extra-point attempt by Devindale Reynolds failed. The Dolphins answered in the second quarter with a 15-yard score by Wendall Grotton. The extra-point attempt by Jack Hanson failed. The half ended in a 6-6 tie.

In the third quarter, Ankles handed to Dean Grass, who brok  for a 60-yard touchdown to give the Vikings a 12-6 lead. Dolphin Patrick Schultz had a 40-yard gain, but was stopped by Vikings Hunter Blood, Gage Newcomb, Dayota Payson, Jimmy Crabiel, David Crabiel and Elliot Anderson. Three minutes into the fourth quarter, Grass brok  for a 55-yard touchdown for the 18-6 final.

On Oct. 9 at Troy Howard, the Rams beat the Dolphins 22-0 and the Vikings bested the Chiefs 26-14.

The Rams started the game with kick return by Tyler Aldinger for 45 yards to set up a touchdown by Derrick Tyler from 15 yards. In the second quarter, the Rams struck again with Connor Gould’s 25-yard score and the extra-point conversion by Shane Alley to make it 14-0.

In the third quarter, Ram Tristan Roberts scored on a 20-yard play and the two-point conversion to give the Rams a 22-0 lead. The remainder of the game was a defensive battle for both.

In the second game, after the Chiefs turned the ball over on downs, Vikings Stanley Sturgis broke for a 70-yard touchdown, but the extra-point conversion by Jacob Waterman failed.

In the second quarter on third down, Vikings quarterback Ankles handed t  Grass, who broke for a 55-yard score. The extra-point attempt by Devindale Reynolds failed. That gave the Vikings a 12-0 lead.

The Chiefs answered with a 20-yard score by Destiny Stimpson and the extra-point conversion by Alex Dayne-Ditmas to make it a 12-8 game. The Vikings come back on second down for a 55-yard touchdown by Grady Doolan and Doolan had the extra-point conversion to give his squad a 20-8 cushion.

Grass recovered a Chief fumble and Ankles gained 40 yards to end the first half.

In the third quarter, Chief Tyler Ellsworth had a 60-yard kick return, but the two-point conversion attempt failed as the Vikings led 20-14.

With four minutes left on the clock in the fourth quarter, Vikings quarterback Nolan Woods handed to Skylar Perkins for 15 yards and Sturgis for 10 yards. On the next play, Sturgis was injuried and replaced by Grass, who had a 10-yard score, but the extra-point conversion by Nick Salvatore failed, for the 26-15 final.

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