As lawn signs proliferate around the county in an attempt to win over voters, often at considerable expense to the candidates, two Belfast City Council candidates, Marina Delune and Roger Pickering, have struck a modest agreement: 28 lawn signs each.

Delune ran unopposed in 2008 and earlier this summer told VillageSoup, half-jokingly, that her only regret about having opposition this time around was that she would have to put out lawn signs.

Pickering noticed the comment and felt that he didn’t particularly want to deal with them, either.

“As far as I’m concerned, she doesn’t have to [put out signs],” he told VillageSoup last week. Soon after, Pickering contacted Delune to offer a no-sign campaign pact, but she had already procured a pile of placards from former City Councilor Jan Anderson and paid for a stencil with which to repaint them.

No deal, it appeared.

But Delune, who previously commented that her cerebral palsy would make painting 100 signs a major challenge, later contacted VillageSoup to say that the candidates had agreed to limit their signs to 28 apiece.

Asked for confirmation, Pickering said he was unsure of the exact number. “She told me what she’d made up, so that’s what I’ll do,” he said.