Two loons from Camden’s Megunticook Lake were released back into the wild Oct. 12.

The loons, both juveniles, had been rehabilitated at Avian Haven in Freedom.

A group from Avian Haven and Lake Warden Ken Bailey released the birds into the mouth of the Ducktrap River on Howe Point Road in Lincolnville shortly before noon.

One loon was found by Bailey several weeks ago with an injured leg. Bailey netted the loon and a volunteer from Avian Haven took the bird to Freedom.

In addition to the injured leg, the loon also had lost its waterproofing function and its feathers would become soaked after a few minutes in the water, Bailey said.

Marc Payne of Avian Haven said they used Dawn dish soap to clean the bird, which restored the loon’s waterproof coat and is the same thing used for birds in oil spills, he said.

The second loon went over the Seabright Dam in Camden and landed in the pool at the base of the dam. After it was X-rayed and given other medical tests at the rehabilitation center, the bird was found to be in good health with no injuries.

Bailey said once juvenile loons learn to fly they migrate to the ocean, so it was decided to release them at the foot of the Ducktrap River so that in case they couldn’t fly, the two birds could make it to the ocean before the lakes freeze.

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