Oriental Plaza, the Searsport Avenue Chinese restaurant that closed in March, may be reopening at a new location. Owner Julietta Zeilor declined to give specifics but said the restaurant may reopen in downtown Belfast. She did not say when.

“Everyone is looking for it and wanting to go there, so what can you do?” said Zeilor.

The Searsport Avenue building was bought by Viking Lumber in April. Despite the sign in the window reading “Dave’s Wings” (a joke by a Viking employee), President David Flanagan said there were no immediate plans for the building, though having a little more space on one side may not be such a bad thing.

“We’re very disruptive and people are very nice to us, but once in a while a truck drives over someone’s lawn,” he said.

Flanagan said the parking lot of the former restaurant could be used for employee parking at some point — a small bridge connects the two lots.

“I’ve had many, many people have many, many suggestions about what I should do, but there’s absolutely no plan,” he said. “We’ve never had a lack of ideas, but in this present economy we have to hunker down and pay attention. Hopefully an opportunity will arise.”