The Medomak Valley girls, as well as two Belfast Lions, a Camden Hills Windjammer, Rockland Tiger and North Haven Hawk will run off to the state championship meet next weekend after strong qualifying efforts in two different regional events Saturday.

Runners from Medomak Valley, Camden Hills, Rockland, Belfast and Mount View of Thorndike competed in the Eastern Class B championship meet at Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast.

Meanwhile, the same day, North Haven senior Charlie Jones raced in the Western Class C meet at the Twin Brook Recreational Facility in Cumberland.

When the final Eastern Class B races had finished Saturday in Belfast, the Medomak Valley girls were the lone local team to qualify for the states, along with individuals Brittany Bowman from Camden Hills, Abby Hersom from Rockland and Abbie Wessels and Luis Mauser of Belfast.

Medomak Valley’s Gwen Moiles and Megan Wyllie also qualified for the states as individuals, but will accompanying their team to the state event, which will be at Troy Howard Middle School on Saturday, Oct. 30.

Kellie Howie of Belfast missed qualifying by one place and Medomak Valley’s Nick Anderson by two places.

The top half of the full teams in all of the regional races qualified for the state meet. Additionally, the top 20 individuals in the regional Class B races qualified.

In Class C, which essentially is a combination of Class C and D runners, the top 30 individuals are eligible and top half of the full teams.

The runners competed on courses that were 3.1 miles, or 5-kilometers, in length.

The Class B girls team scores were: John Bapst of Bangor 72, Mount Desert Island 80, Caribou 117, Hampden Academy 129, Winslow 161, Medomak Valley 166, Presque Isle 188, Ellsworth 192, Camden Hills 227, Belfast 253, Waterville 282, Erskine Academy of South China 293, Old Town 306 and Hermon 366. The top seven teams qualified for the state meet.

The boys team scores were: Caribou 52, Hampden Academy 63, Ellsworth 84, Winslow 103, Erskine Academy 138, John Bapst 192, Presque Isle 207, Mount Desert Island 235, Camden Hills 266, Medomak Valley 274, Belfast 291, Waterville 293, Hermon 323, Old Town 352 and Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield 437. The top eight teams qualified for the state meet.

Local schools Rockland and Mount View did not have five runners to compile a team score.

In the girls Class B race, Medomak Valley finished with a top-five runner total time of 1:49:40.73 and average runner time of 21:56.15, while Camden Hills finished at 1:52:24.35 and 22:28.87 and Belfast at 1:55:10.76 and 23:02.16.

In the boys Class B race, Camden Hills finished with a total time of 1:36:34.62 and average time of 19:18.93, Medomak Valley at 1:37:10.92 and 19:26.19 and Belfast 1:37:33.58 and 19:30.72

In the Class B races, Old Town’s Darcie Manion finished first in 19:03.64 for the girls and Ellsworth’s Dan Curtis first at 16:26:45 for the boys.

At Cumberland, there were 98 runners in the Western Class c boys race, with Madison’s Matthew McClintock first at 16:13.40. North Haven’s Jones placed eighth in 17:26.60.

The state races will be back at Troy Howard Middle School on Saturday, Oct. 30. The Class B boys, which will include Mauser, will be at 11 a.m. and the Class B girls, which will include the Medomak Valley squad, plus Hersom, Bowman and Wessels, will be at 11:45 a.m. The Class C boys race, which will include Jones, will take off at 12:30 p.m.

The individual Class B results for Midcoast girls (93 runners) were: 4, Bowman, CH, 19:43.16; 8, Moiles, Med, 20:23.66; 13, Hersom, Rock, 20:44.04 14, Wessells, Bel, 20:51.14; 19, Wyllie, Med, 21:06.01; 21, Howie, Bel, 21:22.78; 34, Lily Kassen, CH, 22:04.59; 41, Jocelyn Thames, Med, 22:28.38; 48, Alyssa Griggs, Med, 22:42.47; 54, Heidi Harris, Med, 23:00.21; 57, Rachel Brown, CH, 23:11.00; 65, Gracie Sheldon, Bel, 23:28.06; 66, Sarah Miller, CH, 23:30.33; 69, Jordan Hopkins, Med, 23:53.61; 70, Annie Fagan, CH, 23:55.27; 72, Shannon Staples, Med, 23:58.95; 74, Clare Olson, Bel, 24:02.31; 78, Mary Parks, CH, 24:29.86; 84, Maria Swebilius, Bel, 25:26.47; 85, McKenzie Meservey, CH, 25:26.80; and 90, Romy Carpenter, Bel, 26:16.88.

The individual Class B results for Midcoast boys (105 runners) were: 13, Mauser, Bel, 17:43.76; 22, Anderson, Med, 18:14.31; 39, Ben Trapani, CH, 18:48.05; 45, Joe Murphy, Med, 18:57.98; 47, Davis Saltonstall, CH, 18:58.89; 51, John Nugent, CH, 19:10.12; 52, Carl Pilliterri, Bel, 19:12.56; 59, Brendon O’Donnell, Med, 19:34.16; 62, Chandler Crans, CH, 19:41.53; 67, Matthew Heath, CH, 19:56.03; 70, Karl Stearns, Bel, 20:00.88; 71, Quinton Vannah, Med, 20:06.70; 76, Ari Snider, Bel, 20:16.81; 77, Ivan Johnson, Med, 20:17.77; 80, Miles Lamar, Bel, 20:19.57; 81, Willie Hurley, Bel, 20:19.85; 83, Ian Rixon, Med, 20:21.51; 85, Curtis Griffin, MtV 20:49.02; 86, Crockett Lalor, CH, 20:50.17; 87, Alexander Casas, Med, 20:58.20; 89, Cole Chase, Rock, 21:14.89; 94, Edmund McCluskey, CH, 21:57.49; and 103, Travis Borkowski, Rock, 23:46.92.

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