A woman in her 80s was transported to the hospital to be treated for injuries sustained when the truck she was climbing into lurched sideways and struck a building Monday, Oct. 25.

Belfast Patrolman Wendall Ward said Winifred Reynolds, 81, of Belfast was taken to Waldo County General Hospital by ambulance to be treated for a bump on the head following the accident that took place at the Hilltop Birches apartment complex on School Street about 2:30 p.m. Monday.

The accident occurred, Ward said, when Corliss Holland, 87, of Belfast went to the apartment complex to pick Reynolds up for an outing. According to witnesses at the scene, Reynolds had just dropped off her laundry at the community hall before going outside to get into Holland’s 2005 Dodge pickup.

Ward said that when Holland accompanied Reynolds to the passenger’s side of the truck to help her in, the door was locked, so he walked back over to the driver’s side and climbed in to unlock the doors.

Ward said the vehicle was apparently still in reverse and the four-wheel drive was activated, and it looked as though Holland’s foot had hit the accelerator enough to send the vehicle into a sideways lurch. As a result, the rear of the truck crashed into the entrance of the laundry room.

The sudden movement of the truck knocked Reynolds down, said Ward, and she was transported to the hospital as a precaution.

The accident caused about $2,200 in damage to the building, Ward said, and an additional $2,000 in damage to the truck.

Reynolds’ neighbor, Joanne Sabins, said she and five other people were seated in the meeting area next to the laundry room when the accident occurred.

“I’m still shaking,” said Sabins, who said all she remembered was hearing a loud crash. “… We were having a meeting on nutrition.”

Sabins said she’s known Reynolds for years, and described her neighbor as “a sweetheart,” and affectionately referred to her as Winnie.

Sabins said Reynolds and Holland have been friends for about five years, and expressed concern about how both are doing in the aftermath of the accident.

“I hope Winnie’s going to be alright,” said Sabins, and added about Holland, “He feels so bad.”