The Midcoast is peppered with not only talented high school student-athletes on the fields and in the classrooms, but also have a handful of talented coaches, all of whom have been recognized in the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference Class B division.

Athletes from Medomak Valley, Camden Hills, Rockland, Mount View in Thorndike and Belfast are among those honored by the league in girls soccer, boys soccer, field hockey, golf, cross country and cheering.

There are also three local coaches from three different schools who earned the distinction of coaches of the year as Camden Hills’ Ryan Hurley (boys soccer), Medomak Valley’s Joel Lufkin (girls soccer) and Belfast’s Allen Holmes (field hockey) were deemed the top KVAC Class B coaches in their respective sports.

While first-team and second-team selections are chosen based on their athletic prowess, all-academic distinction are awarded to those senior student-athletes with a 90-or-higher grade-point average during their high schoo careers. Cheering has only all-academic selections in the fall, as the sport is only in competition during the winter sports season.

The Midcoast student-athletes recognized by the KVAC were:

Girls soccer — Class B first-team all-conference: Camden Hills’ Melanie Vangel and Kristina Alex; and Medomak Valley’s Alanna Vose. Class B second-team all-conference: Belfast’s Victoria Overlock and Emily Violette; Camden Hills’ Caroline Matteo; and Medomak Valley’s Mallory Conary. Class B all-academic: Belfast’s Overlock, Hayley Rae and Kaitlyn Schweikert; Camden Hills’ Julia Gowesky and Marnie Merrill; Medomak Valley’s Roxanne Jelenfy; and Mount View’s Hannah Clark, Anna Dyer, Victoria Lufkin and Alyssa Pulsifer. Co-coaches of the Year: Medomak Valley’s Lufkin and Leavitt’s Chris Cifelli.

Boys soccer — Class B first-team all-conference: Belfast’s Windham Veevaert; Camden Hills’ Sam Predham, Malcolm Steele and Andy Stevick; and Mount View’s Zach Mehuren. Class B second-team all-conference: Belfast’s Yanni Rakis; Camden Hills’ Ian Cushing and Yani Stancioff; and Mount View’s Aaron Elkins. Class B all-academic: Belfast’s Eric Gaulin, Jeremiah Kahn, Tucker Morehouse and Veevaert; Camden Hills’ Nick Murphy, Scott Smith, Sam Vail and Taylor Williams; Medomak Valley’s Isaac Durkee; Mount View’s Evan Coleman, Alex Davis and Mehuren; and Rockland’s Conor Pfister and Casey Raymond. Coach of the year: Camden Hills’ Hurley.

Field hockey — Class B first-team all-conference: Belfast’s Kasey Laveway; Camden Hills Maci Heal and Sarah Nason; and Mount View’s Hayleigh Kein and Chrissy Larrabee. Class B second-team all-conference: Belfast’s Brooklyn Curry; Mount View’s Maggie Clark; and Rockland/Georges Valley’s Allison Ward. Class B all-academic: Belfast’s Ashland Hall, Rosie LaCivita, Laveway, Lauren Martin, Sasha Small and Helene Wallace; Camden Hills’ Mia Bergmann, Morgan Farley, Kayla Hart, Heal, Katherine Johanson and Charlotte Lemar; Mount View’s Clark, Amanda Hall, Kein, Larrabee, Brianna Moody, Channing Murphy and Felicia Flagg (manager); and Rockland/Georges Valley’s Reilly Cousins and Colleen Haskell. Coach of the year: Belfast’s Holmes.

Golf — Class B first-team all-conference: Belfast’s Jamie Jackson and Stephen Simmons; Camden Hills’ John Vannorsdall; Medomak Valley’s Zach Judkins; Mount View’s Eric Larrabee; and Rockland’s Cameron Clement and Reilly Flanagan. Class B all-academic: Mount View’s Colby Blanchard.

Boys cross country — Class B first-team all-conference: Belfast’s Luis Mauser. Class B all-academic: Belfast’s Bryan Cunningham; Camden Hills’ Marcel Marki; and Medomak Valley’s Mike Gilman and Quinton Vannah.

Girls cross country — Class B first-team all-conference: Belfast’s Abbie Wessels; Camden Hills’ Brittany Bowman; Medomak Valley’s Gwen Moiles; and Rockland’s Abby Hersom. Class B second-team all-conference: Belfast’s Kellie Howie; and Medomak Valley’s Megan Wyllie. Class B all-academic: Belfast’s Hannah Hill and Liz Rauch; and Camden Hills’ Annie Fagan, Sarah Kennedy and McKenzie Meservey. Runner of the year: Camden Hills’ Bowman.

Cheering — Class B all-academic: Medomak Valley’s Danielle Moshier and Mount View’s Brittany Flewelling and Sarah Wilson.

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