A 73-year-old Bucksport man allegedly led police on a slow-speed chase that ended only after officers used a spike mat to flatten the driver’s tires Monday, Nov. 8.

Ronald Herbest, 73, of Bucksport was summoned for two counts of driving to endanger and one count of failure to stop for an officer following the Monday morning incident.

Officer Merl Reed of the Stockton Springs Police Department said police received a complaint of an erratic driver headed toward Bucksport on Route 1 at about 10:20 a.m.

“We received a complaint of a white van that was all over the road, mostly in the breakdown lane,” Reed said.

Officer Ben Seekins caught up with the 2002 GMC van at the intersection of routes 1 and 1A. Seekins activated his lights and sirens in an attempt to execute a traffic stop, but the operator, who was later identified as Herbest, continued driving toward Bucksport.

Reed said the officer observed Herbest striking guardrails throughout the pursuit, which never exceeded a speed of 35 mph.

After the slow-speed pursuit continued for about four miles, Seekins requested assistance from the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office.

Lt. Jason Trundy and Detective Jason Bosco responded, and Reed said Bosco laid a spike mat in the roadway in an attempt to stop the van.

Reed said Herbest struck the spike mat and flattened two of his tires, but Herbest reportedly continued driving for another half-mile before stopping for the officer.

Reed said Herbest appeared to be coherent when he was speaking with police, and that he did not appear to be disoriented. Herbest did not offer a reason why he did not stop for the officer.

Reed said because police were concerned about a potential medical issue, Stockton Springs Ambulance personnel transported Herbest to Waldo County General Hospital to be evaluated.

Herbest had just left WCGH earlier in the morning, said Reed, and had apparently struck another vehicle in the hospital parking lot before he left. As a result, Reed said, Belfast police had caught up with Herbest and summoned him for leaving the scene of an accident.

Herbest’s van had about $2,500 in damage that Reed said resulted from Herbest’s striking guardrails on several occasions during the police pursuit. The van was towed from the scene, Reed said.