Spirit of peace award founder to live on

The Waldo County Peace Activist Award was conceived in April of 2005 by David Demeré as an active expression of his desire “to promote peace and social justice now and after I pass on.” Already in the second of his seven years of living with cancer, David himself brought a lifelong commitment to promoting nonviolence and peace in the world.

As his health improved somewhat in the spring of 2005, his hope was to stimulate young people to think about pursuing the study and practice of peace, as well as to support a few in actually doing so. To that end, he and his family donated the first seed money for the award and encouraged others to contribute as well. Dozens of local individuals and organizations responded, including Waldo County Peace and Justice Committee, Veterans for Peace, Belfast Area Friends Meeting, Belfast Unitarian Universalist Church and the First Church of Belfast.

Each spring students from the various Waldo County high schools who have been engaged in some form of peace activity are encouraged to apply for support from the WCPAA Committee. The first two awards were granted in May of 2005, and over the past six years 10 young people from three different high schools have received a total of over $11,000 for activities ranging from volunteer relief work in Sri Lanka and in Africa to helping support peace-related studies at colleges and universities from Bates and Colby, Presque Isle and Machais to Georgetown, Earlham and Mount Holyoke.

David died Nov. 1. It is altogether fitting now that the Peace Activist Award become a memorial for David as he had originally envisioned years ago.

Tara Demeré



Piotti appreciative of support

It has been a true privilege to have served the people of western Waldo County in the Maine House of Representatives for the past eight years, and to have now been a candidate for the state Senate for all of Waldo County.

I am naturally disappointed in the outcome of last week’s election; but at the same time, I feel grateful for the opportunity I have been given to serve over the past eight years.

I am proud of my accomplishments in the Legislature, especially the work I have done to support farming.

I am also proud of the way I’ve conducted myself in the five campaigns where I have been a candidate. I have always led a campaign of integrity, and have never belittled an opponent or sent a negative flier.

I am very appreciative of the dozens of volunteers who helped me on this campaign. Many of them worked extraordinarily hard.

Some voters have told me that they received way too much mail about me during this campaign. Unfortunately, I had no control over the quantity of mail. The vast bulk of it came from organizations supporting me, not from my campaign. Under state law, those organizations are not allowed to coordinate or communicate with me about those mailings in any way. My sincere apologies if you felt overwhelmed by mail.

The day after the election I sent around an e-mail message to everyone on my legislative list. I have received over 100 replies. I greatly appreciate that support.

I wish the best to my opponent and all the others who were just elected, as they grapple with the challenges facing our state. Govern well.

John Piotti



Thank you, and a promise

I didn’t realize how much it was going to mean to me when Belfast voters honored me with re-election to the City Council. To all those who voted for me, wrote endorsements, contributed money, displayed lawn signs and gave words of encouragement, I offer a heartfelt thank-you.

I’m a shy person, and I absolutely could not have succeeded without the boundless energy of my sign-meister, Skip Pendleton, and the efforts of my fellow city councilors, Roger Lee and Mike Hurley, whose support touched me deeply.

It was a true pleasure to have as my opponent the kind and gracious Roger Pickering. With his 14 years of experience on the Planning Board, he was a formidable and well-qualified candidate, who would have been, I’m certain, a good city councilor. So my responsibility to voters is even greater.

I promise do my best to fairly represent the needs of all who live in Belfast: natives and transplants, those who are financially secure and those who are not, young and old. I want to hear from everyone who would like to share their thoughts with me. My phone number is 338-6823, and my e-mail address is marinadelune@gmail.com.

Marina Delune



Magnan says it was an honor to serve

It was an honor to serve the people and towns of District 41 for the past two years in the 124th Maine State Legislature. I enjoyed the interaction with constituents by phone, e-mail and in person. It was fun to sponsor Legislative Pages for a day and rewarding to honor individuals with Sentiments of recognition for outstanding achievements.

My experiences in Augusta introduced me to a world of hardworking, concerned legislators and support staff. The bipartisan committee work was an education. I proudly served on the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee and became an expert in areas I had never imagined. I had opportunities to visit other areas of Maine and got an in-depth understanding of the “two Maines” issues. I am proud of my attendance and voting record.

I want to thank everyone for their support and well wishes. I ran a clean, honest and thoughtful race. I am proud of the race I ran and couldn’t have done more work to prove my commitment to the people of District 41. I really do know this district and wish us the best. Thank you for the past two years, they were challenging, busy and rewarding.

Rep. Veronica Garvey Magnan

Stockton Springs


Herbig says she’s ready to work hard

Thank you to the voters of Belfast, Belmont and Northport for your support on Nov. 2. I am honored to have been elected as representative to the state Legislature for District 43. I would like to thank the voters who got to the polls, giving me this opportunity to represent our area, and friends and family who volunteered their time to the campaign. Our success was only possible with all the support I received.

Thank you to my opponent, Lewis Baker, for running an honest and clean campaign, and to Representative Jayne Crosby Giles for her service to this district for the past four years.

The largest focus of the campaign was listening to the concerns of voters as I went door-to-door. Your thoughts and input will be vital as I represent this great community in Augusta. Please e-mail me at erinherbig@gmail.com if you have any questions, or if you would like to receive legislative updates. I am ready to roll up my sleeves and work hard for the people of District 43.

Erin Herbig

Representative-Elect District 43



Sahadi thanks supporters

I would like to thank the citizens of House District 45 whom I had the opportunity to meet during my campaign. I was welcomed in the living rooms, kitchens and dooryards of over 1,100 people. Everyone I met was respectful, and many were truly kind and appreciative; I consider this a gift.

Although I am disappointed at the outcome, I had a great experience. This opportunity has only strengthened my desire to work hard on behalf of the great people of this district.

As of last week, I returned to the MSAD 3 school board as the Thorndike representative. If you live in any of the MSAD 3 towns and would like to receive e-mails from me pertaining to the school district, please contact me (my e-mail is helens@uninets.net), as there will be many important decisions to be made over the next few months. I want to keep residents informed and I welcome input.

I also would like to thank the people who worked on my behalf and especially those who voted for me.

Helen Sahadi



Fire victims thankful for support

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has helped us after we lost our home to a fire last month. We thank one and all from the bottom of our hearts. Your kindness has helped us get through this difficult time and we consider ourselves blessed to have so much support from so many people. Again, thank you.

Melvin Perkins and Tammy Knowlton



Montville group says thanks

The Montville Historical Society would like to express our gratitude to all the teams and individuals who participated and helped make our Frye Mountain tour possible. We had a beautiful fall day and a wonderful turnout. Even when our schedule backed up as we waited to replace a horse, people were patient and understanding.

Frye Mountain has a lot of history and covers a large area, not only in Montville, but Knox and Morrill as well. With this, our second tour, we tried to cover different areas, not only on horse and wagon but also by marking the old foundation sites people could drive to. At the end of each tour we were asked if we would continue to explore other areas of Frye. It takes a lot of research, planning and the continued involvement of the horse teams and we are planning to offer the tour next year.

We hope you all enjoyed the days much as we did. If there is any information or photos, old or new, you would like to share, please contact us. Thanks for coming!

Montville Historical Society


The Pied Piper of Illinois

It was a magical melody the black man piped to young and old alike — the promise of change and the hope for a better future. A future more equal, where everyone had good health care and an easier life when the wealth of the rich would be “redistributed” to the poor. Like children they followed him, cheering his name “Obama! Obama!” they cried, even as they lost their jobs. “Obama! Obama!” they sang, even as they moved out of houses they had been promised could be theirs by the Democrats.

“Obama! Obama!” they shouted, even as the entire Democratic Party followed him and marched over a cliff and into oblivion with last week’s election of an unprecedented number of Republicans to the House of Representatives. Obama is finished as a leader. He will be the first half-term president. His narcissism will keep him from following Bill Clinton’s example of moving to the center. It will not, however, keep him from pretending to do so.

David Huck