Several dozen Winterport residents joined veterans of U.S. military conflicts from World War II to Iraq, Nov. 11, for the town’s annual Veterans Day observance sponsored by American Legion Post 138.

The event’s main speaker, Sgt. Daniel Trojecki, a decorated active-duty national guardsman who served in Iraq, talked about the shift in focus of the U.S. military after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and the expanded role of the National Guard.

“It went from people roasting marshmallows on weekends to people training to fight,” he said after the ceremony.

Trojecki had served in the Army during the 1990s and had been in and out of several National Guard units by 2001.

Prior to the Sept. 11 attacks he was wondering if serving in the Guard was worth losing the one weekend a month. “Then, when that [the terrorist attacks] happened,” he said. “You can’t just sit at home and watch when you’re ready, willing and able.”

Veterans Bruce Scott and Fred Norris laid a wreath at the foot of the veterans’ memorial in front of the library. Veteran riflemen fired a ceremonial three-volley salute.

Following the event, the veterans attended a public lunch at the Victoria Grant Community Center.