More than a week after police publicized their search for a man believed to have been involved in a knife assault, no new information has come forward about the alleged attacker.

Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said Friday, Nov. 12, that police had received no new information about the possible identity of the man the male victim described to police after the altercation that took place the night of Oct. 28.

“Not a thing,” said Cunningham when asked if there were any new developments in the case.

Police are asking for help from the public in the search for a man they believe was the aggressor in the altercation that resulted in another man’s being cut with a pocketknife.

Cunningham said police received the report of the incident the morning of Oct. 29, after the victim sought medical treatment for his wound at Waldo County General Hospital.

Cunningham said the victim sustained a cut to his right arm that was a couple of inches in length, but Cunningham said the wound was not deep enough to require stitches.

The victim told police that as he was walking on Washington Street late on Oct. 28, he noticed a “Hispanic-looking” man approaching from the opposite direction, Cunningham said.

Cunningham said the victim remembered hearing the man mumbling as he approached, and that the man also appeared to be intoxicated. The altercation reportedly started after the unidentified man made a derogatory comment to the victim.

Cunningham said words were exchanged between the two men, and at one point the assailant brandished a three- to four-inch pocketknife, which he used to cut the victim. The victim told police he punched the assailant in the face before the unknown man left the scene, and Cunningham said the man in question likely had a black eye for a few days after the fight.

Cunningham said the victim described the man as about five feet, 10 inches tall, and weighing about 200 pounds. The man also has two teardrop tattoos below his right eye.

“We don’t know who the guy is,” said Cunningham. “We have a possible name of José, but that’s about it.”

Anyone with information about the possible identity of the alleged assailant is asked to contact police at 338-5255. Those offering information may remain anonymous, Cunningham said.