A Searsport man was arrested early Sunday morning, Nov. 14, after he was allegedly involved in two property damage accidents before police were made aware of his activities.

Michael G. Feeley, 32, of Searsport was arrested on charges of operating under the influence and leaving the scene of a property damage accident at about 3:30 a.m..

Belfast Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said Feeley’s arrest came as a result of a complaint that came in to police regarding a one-car accident on Back Searsport Road. Officer Mike Rolerson responded and found Feeley had gone off the road in his white 1997 Jeep. Feeley was not injured, but Cunningham said Rolerson charged him with OUI and placed him under arrest. Feeley’s Jeep was towed from the scene to Blood’s Garage.

At about noontime Sunday, Cunningham said Rolerson responded to a criminal mischief complaint on City Point Road. Upon arrival, Rolerson located pieces of a vehicle. Cunningham said Rolerson took the parts to Blood’s Garage in Belfast and determined that they came from Feeley’s Jeep.

Cunningham said Feeley’s vehicle did not sustain much damage, despite striking the metal wheel from a railroad car that was situated near the City Point Central Railroad Museum.

Feeley reportedly had no memory of either accident.

Feeley is scheduled to appear in Fifth District Court Tuesday, Dec. 21.