Frank Moulton of Burnham will receive championship honors in the top-tier Late Model Division for the third consecutive season, topping the list of champions and notable local racers honored at the annual Unity Raceway awards banquet Friday, Nov. 19 at the VFW in Winslow.

Moulton’s championship drive included a five-race winning streak that shut all of his rivals out of victory lane throughout the month of August. Seth Raven of Waldo was remarkably consistent at posting top-five finishes during the 2010 season and claimed runner-up honors in the championship standings. Third-generation racing teenage Dylan Turner of Freedom was third in the season-long contest. Jeff Burgess of Fairfield was second-best to Moulton in Late Model race victories, and fourth in the final championship standings. Rookie Markus Lowe of Jackson rounded out the top five in the division.

Nate Weston of Madison was the dominant force in Racin’ Paper Super Street Division early in the season, and held on to the points lead throughout the year to earn his championship. Nick Huff of Orrington looked like the man to beat late in the year, ending up second in the final standings. Steve Rackliff of Starks claimed third in the final standings, followed by multi-race winners Ricky Burgess Jr. of Waterville and Brad Bellows of China Village.

Chris King of Burnham claimed his championship in the Wildcat Division on the final night for points racing, narrowly beating Andy Turbovsky of Winslow for the crown. Ed Sleeper of Vassalboro, Eddie Gilblair of Skowhegan and Ryan Robinson of Waterville were third through fifth in the final standings.

Uncle Henry’s Late Model Pro-Four Division racers were all looking up at Corey Walker of New Vineyard in the standings when the season was done. Multi-time division champ Steve Rackliff of Starks ended as the runner-up, with Norm Cummings of Augusta claiming third in the championship contest. Rookie Mike Mason of Skowhegan and the division’s top winner, Ben Clark of Clinton, rounded out the top five.

Mike Wilson of Chelsea drove to yet another Monster Energey Drink Monsta Mini Division title. Lance Chapman of Benton was the best of the rest in 2010, with John Fortin of Vassalboro collecting points enough for a third-place ranking. Greg Cummings put his Pinto into victory lane en route to a fourth-place season, with the top five completed by Dylan Lancaster of Skowhegan.

Justin Moore of Madison outpointed his rivals in Aable Auto Parts Flyin’ 4 Division competition. Moore and runner-up Zach Audet of New Sharon, along with third-ranked Brad Bosworth of Cornville, dominated the entry-level, four-cylinder class in 2010. Cody Sleeper of Augusta and Mike Gilbert of Canaan rounded out the top five.

Mika Wilson of Chelsea had a strong start and a great finish to her championship season in the Waterville Oaks Ladies Division. The middle part of the schedule belonged to Chelsea Young of Winterport, who finished second in the final standings. Amanda Batchelder of Fairfield, Alica Goodwin of Clinton and Christie Foster of Norridgewock were third through fifth in the final standings.

Wes Turner of Montville claimed Teen Thunder championship honors. Jayson Bosworth of Cornville, Colby Robbins of Montville, Cole Robinson of Clinton and Mikey Fenald of Benton rounded out the top five.

Alex Fernald of Benton will move up to the Late Model Pro Four class in 2011 after winning the Enduro championship this season. Daymon Dodge of Troy, Kenneth Pelotte of Fairfield, Kevin Seekins of Frankfort and George Fernald III of Benton were also top-five ranked Enduro class racers this season.

The final official 2010 Unity Raceway championship standings were:

Late Model — 1. Frank Moulton, Burnham, 1,530; 2. Seth Raven, Waldo, 1,462; 3. Dylan Turner, Freedom, 1,403; 4. Jeff Burgess, Fairfield, 1,382; 5. Markus Lowe, Jackson, 1,343; 6. Will Collins, Appleton, 1,269; 7. Kyle Turner, Freedom, 1,018; 8. David Folsom I, Skowhegan, 884; 9. Mike Hodgkins 875; 10. A.J. Picard, Palmyra, 844; 11. Louie Picard, Palmyra, 837; 12. Ed Drake, Vassalboro, 669; 13. David Folsom II, Skowhegan, 578; 14. Ben Erskine, Solon, 450; 15. Ricky Morse, St. Albans, 430; 16. Ralph Nason, Unity, 421; 17. Poncho Darveau, Chelsea, 410; 18. Kyle Keene, Belfast, 325; 19. Nick Hinckley, Wiscasset, 315; 20. Darren Doucette, Sidney, 308; 21. Dick Byron, Madison, 291; 22. Dustin Hubbard, Unity, 258; 23. Bobby Segar, Frankfort, 252; 24. Justin Drake, Dover-Foxcroft, 245; and 25. Glenn Curtis, Hudson, 240.

Racin’ Paper Super Street — 1. Nate Weston, Madison, 1,668; 2. Nick Huff, Orrington, 1,513; 3. Steve Rackliff, Starks, 1,280; 4. Ricky Burgess 1,123; 5. Brad Bellows, China Village, 1,020; 6. Skip Conner, Oakland, 560; 7. Kyle Gallant, Veazie, 537; 8. Shawn Austin, Norridgewock, 489; 9. Allen Moller, Dresden, 479; and 10. Dylan Fortin, South China, 466.

Keystone Automotive Industries Wildcat — 1. Chris King, Burnham, 1,534; 2. 14 Andy Turbovsky, Winslow, 1,527; 3. Ed Sleeper, Vassalboro, 1,317; 4. Eddie Gilblair, Skowhegan, 1,313; 5. Ryan Robinson, Waterville, 1,073; 6. Carl McAlpine, Burnham, 1,028; 7. Maurice Young, Chelsea, 994; 8. Ed Gilblair, Skowhegan, 973; 9. Bryan Robbins, Montville, 609; and 10. Tyler King, Detroit 532.

Uncle Henry’s Late Model Pro-Four — 1. Corey Walker, New Vineyard, 1,672; 2. Steve Rackliff, Starks, 1,633; 3. Norm Cummings, Augusta, 1,382; 4. Mike Mason, Skowhegan, 1,281; 5. Ben Clark, Clinton, 1,134; 6. Carey Davis, Solon, 963; 7. Bryan Lancaster, Skowhegan, 608; 8. Bill Ellis, Parkman, 554; 9. Tim Robinson, Clinton, 395; and 10. Kevin Douglass, Sidney, 190.

Monster Energey Drink Monsta Mini — 1. Mike Wilson, Chelsea, 1,588; 2. Lance Chapman, Benton, 1,423; 3. John Fortin, Vassalboro, 1,303; 4. Greg Cummings, Augusta, 1,102; 5. Dylan Lancaster, Skowhegan, 785; 6. Tim Collins, Farmingdale, 588; 7. Bob Grady, Augusta 473; 8. Nick Lizotte, Sidney, 460; 9. Reggie Bickford, Oakland, 404; and 10. Dominic Bailey, Benton, 364.

Aable Auto Parts Flyin’ 4 — 1. Justin Moore, Madison, 1,592; 2. Zach Audet, New Sharon, 1,536; 3. Brad Bosworth, Cornville, 1,527; 4. Cody Sleeper, Augusta, 792; 5. Mike Gilbert, Canaan, 740; 6. Brian Dickey, Madison, 647; 7. Matt Shaw, Burnham, 561; 8. Rodney Williams, Oakland, 476; 9. Shadow Folsom, Skowhegan, 400; and 10. Bruce Nickerson, Norridgewock, 373.

Waterville Oaks Ladies — 1. Mika Wilson, Chelsea, 1,667; 2. Chelsea Young, Winterport, 1,662; 3. Amanda Batchelder, Fairfield, 1,578; 4. Alicia Goodwin, Clinton, 1,448; 5. Christie Foster, Norridgewock, 764; 6. Samantha Letourneau, Benton, 612; 7. Shelby Kimball, Cornville, 432; 8. Becky Elston, Carmel, 204; 9. Brooke Getchell, Pittsfield, 194; 10. and Ali Gilblair, Skowhegan, 187.

Linkletter Teen Thunder — 1. Westley Turner, Montville, 887; 2. Jayson Bosworth, Cornville, 855; 3. Colby Robbins, Montville, 819; 4. Cole Robinson, Clinton, 717; 5. Mikey Fernald, Benton, 697; 6. Kyle Robinson, Clinton, 680; 7. Emily McAlpine, Burnham, 562; 8. Ricky Pease, Detroit, 497; 9. Levi Swan, Jefferson, 350; and 10. Kaleb Bernatchez, Vassalboro, 270.

Enduro — 1. Alex Fernald, Benton, 1,380; 2. Daymon Dodge, Troy, 1,342; 3. Kenneth Pelotte, Fairfield, 1,240; 4. Kevin Seekins, Frankfort, 1,124; 5. George Fernald III, Benton, 1,056; 6. Zack Gagnon, Clinton, 994; 7. Kayla Allen, Bucksport, 936; 8. Donny Silva, Hudson, 862; 9. Mike Brann, Readfield, 722; and 10. Henry Boudreau, Winterport, 700.

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