A Jackson woman was arrested for domestic assault following an incident at her residence Tuesday night, Nov. 16, but according to police, she did not make it easy for officers to apprehend her.

Tanya L. Williams, 36, of Jackson was arrested on charges of domestic violence assault and refusing to sign a summons after deputies from the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office responded to the report of a physical altercation between a male and a female at a home on Works Road.

Waldo County Chief Deputy Bob Keating said Sgt. Dale Brown and Deputies Kevin Littlefield and Nick Oettinger responded to the call, which came in to dispatch at 8:15 p.m.

When the officers arrived, Keating said, they found a male subject sitting outside in the driveway. The male appeared to have been in a recent physical confrontation, as Keating said the man was bleeding from his face and neck. The male explained to the officers that he and Williams had just gotten into a heated argument.

“At one point, she struck him and dug him in the face,” said Keating.

The officers noted that the man’s wounds appeared to support his story, as he had visible scratches on his face that appeared to have been inflicted by fingernails. The victim did not require medical treatment, Keating said.

Keating said the officers tried to speak with Williams about the incident, but she was uncooperative and refused to participate in the discussion.

As police were placing her under arrest, Keating said Williams refused to sign her summons and that at one point, the officers had to use physical restraint in order to get Williams into custody.

After the brief struggle, Williams was transported to the Waldo County Jail.

Williams is scheduled to appear at Waldo County Superior Court Thursday, Dec. 30.