A local real estate agent who told police he was out checking properties early Friday morning, Nov. 19, was arrested for operating under the influence.

Belfast Police Chief Jeff Trafton said Sam Mehorter, 54, of Belfast was arrested after an officer initially stopped him for speeding on Miller Street just after 2 a.m. Friday morning.

“The officer stopped the vehicle and immediately smelled alcohol,” Trafton said.

When Mehorter got out of the vehicle so the officer could conduct field sobriety tests, Trafton said, Mehorter was visibly intoxicated.

“He was staggering around, and he failed all of his field sobriety tests,” Trafton said.

Mehorter’s blood alcohol content was .20 percent at the time of his arrest, which is two and a half times Maine’s legal limit of .08. Trafton said as intoxicated as Mehorter was, though, the officer did not suspect such when Mehorter was initially stopped.

“The officer didn’t stop him for anything other than speeding,” Trafton said, noting that Mehorter was not driving erratically, or giving the officer any other reason to believe he might have been drinking.

Trafton said after the officer conducted the field sobriety tests, Mehorter still insisted he was OK to drive and that he was in the midst of conducting business.

“He told the officer, ‘I’m all set. I’m just out checking properties,’” Trafton said.