The Belfast Curling Club hosted 64 curlers from Canada, New England, the Mid-Atlantic States and as far away as Minnesota Nov. 12-14 for its first annual Maine-iac ‘Spiel. This new bonspiel, or tournament, generated palpable excitement as spectators from the curling club and community turned out to enjoy three days of competitive play.

The state of Maine was showcased and celebrated in vibrant fashion as Maine sponsors provided the visiting competitors with a taste of fresh food from the sea and local farms; locally crafted beverages; entertainment from local musicians and humorists; and for finalists, an array of prizes representing the distinctive artisans, entrepreneurs and recreational opportunities here in Maine.

The team of Rich Collier, Dan Naylor, Don Wade and Todd Hebert from the Broomstones Curling Club in Wayland, Mass. came out on top, but barely.

After a weekend of play, the two undefeated teams met in the First Event Finals: the Broomstones team versus a team skipped by Bart Read of Appleton, who played with his wife, Abbie, Mary Colacchio from Cape Cod Curling Club, and Jim Parsons from Boston.

Going into the last end, the Broomstones were down by one point, but Collier managed to knock Read’s stone out of scoring position with the final shot of the game, which enabled Broomstones to take two and win the event.

The Broomstones were awarded a 40-pound bronze lobster traveling trophy, which is almost the same weight as a curling stone, to display at their home club for the next year.

The next opportunity for the public to view a live competitive curling event at the Belfast Curling Club, between a variety of teams from around the US and Canada, will be the Ben Ames Williams Bonspiel, Friday through Sunday, Jan. 14-16.

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