The news this week that the body of Charles “Chuck” Springer had been located in Belmont has been bittersweet for his relatives, some of whom had held out hope that he might still be alive somewhere.

The news brought us back in touch with Mr. Springer’s relatives this week. Through their light-hearted stories about their loved one, his mom, Ellie Springer, and his sister, Joanne Grigoreas, got us thinking about Springer, and who he was. Not the man with Alzheimer’s disease who wandered away from home and made statewide headlines when he disappeared, but the generous and friendly man they called Chuck — the son, the brother and the friend.

The man who loved to play baseball all his life; the man who would offer any friend in need a place to stay; the man who could not bear the thought of children going without Christmas gifts; and the man who was known for getting his then-88-year-old mother up to dance with him. Chuck’s family said there are many people in Waldo County who have their own fond memories of Chuck, too.

We extend our sympathy to Chuck’s family for their loss, and we commend them for the strength they have shown in the search for Chuck over the last two-plus years. We cannot imagine how difficult their ordeal has been, and we wish them the best as they cope with the loss of their loved one.

In turn, Chuck’s family members told us they wish to extend their thanks to all who have lent a hand in trying to find him since he disappeared.

Judging by the family’s description of his personality, it sounds as though Chuck would have done the same for any one of us.

Rest easy, Chuck, and know that you made the people you loved very happy.