Preseason basketball games are always a time for teams to work out the kinks and help coaches learn what their players do well and what they need to work on.

That was the case Friday and Saturday at Searsport District High School during the Viking Invitational as Searsport, Georges Valley, Islesboro and Narraguagus of Harrington participated in games just a few days after team tryouts were held.

The boys event Saturday was a tournament format, while the girls event Friday was a round robin setup.

The participating boys teams were Searsport, Islesboro, Georges Valley and Narraguagus. The participating girls teams were Searsport, Islesboro and Narraguagus.

On Friday in girls play, Searsport beat Islesboro 38-16, while Narraguagus defeated both Islesboro and Searsport, with scores and results unavailable.

On Saturday in boys play, Islesboro won two games and was declared the overall winner of the four-team tourney. Islesboro beat Searsport 59-56, Georges Valley downed Narraguagus (score unavailable), Searsport defeated Narraguagus 44-39 and Islesboro outlasted Georges Valley 61-55 in the final game. Islesboro, a Class D school, beat two Class C opponents.

“It was a great weekend to get basketball started,” said Searsport boys coach Brad Cook. “The players, coaches and fans were enthusiastic, the gym was warm, and it is always nice to smell the concession stand popcorn. All of the teams worked hard and, overall, played competitive games.

“Since tryouts only began Monday [Nov. 22], and with a holiday in the middle, we all have plenty of things to work out and improve on. There were quite a few traveling violations, some sloppy passing and slow defensive rotations. However, with more practice time and preseason games, improvements will certainly be made. I think everyone is looking forward to this season.”

Girls tourney

In the only known results, Searsport bested Islesboro 38-16, after leading 10-2, 22-4 and 30-8 at the quarter breaks.

Keying the Vikings were Brooke Bagley, Alicen Brooks and Briana Grant all with six points; Kelli Smith, Shannon Higgins, Allison Walker and Dana Cook, all four; and Emma Thompson and Jaci Harriman, two each.

For the Eagles of Islesboro, Ally Craig tallied six points; Lindsey Durkee and Sierra Roy, both four; and Autumn Jackson, two.

Searsport’s players were Meagan Parker, Bagley, Smith, Higgins, Jennifer Allenwood, Cassie Martin, Shawna Dakin, Grant, Brooks, Walker, Harriman, Libby Lane and Kelli Gibbs. Jayvee players Thompson, Dana Cook and Candy Cook also participated.

Islesboro’s players were Craig, Alana Govoni, Durkee, Jackson, Maddie Raynor, Roy, Caitlin Small and Eleanor Snyder.

Boys tourney

Perhaps the most exciting game of Saturday’s boys event was the first one between Searsport and Islesboro, when the Eagles pulled out a 59-56 win. The game was tight throughout and the Viking rallied at the end to make it more thrilling and even set up for a final inbounds play and a potential tying 3-point shot, but Islesboro’s defense stymied the hosts.

Keying the Eagles, who led 14-10, 30-29 and 47-39 at the quarter breaks, were Jason Hatch wih 24 points, D.J. Johnson 17, Max Mahan 12, Gerard Scherr seven and Charlie Gebhardt two. Johnson and Hatch both drilled two 3-pointers. Other Eagles were Eli Legere, Will Schoppe, Cameron Jack and Ben Rollins.

For the Vikings, Dillan Moody netted 12 points, Shane Seekins 11, Rocky Faunce 10, Will Hutcheson nine, Allen Connor eight and Buddy Ellis four. Other SDHS players were Jacob Bucklin, Jason Brooks, Ben Bucklin, Austin Bean and Jacob Keniston.

In the tourney’s second game, Georges Valley defeated Narraguagus. Although the final score and statistics were unavailable, the Bucs outscored the Knights 18-10 in the first quarter and 11-9 in the second to take a 29-19 halftime cushion.

In the first half, Ben Wallace paced the Buccaneers with 14 points, while Gordon Armstrong added four; Tyler Gilson, three; and Alex Wallace, Dustin Lavoie and John Ferguson, all two. Other Bucs were Drew Townsend, Nick Judge, Dylan Maloney and Dakota Smith.

Tyler Tenney netted 12 points in the first half for the Knights.

In the consolation game, Searsport defeated Narraguagus 44-39, after leading 11-10 and 21-17 at the first two breaks. The game was tied 32-32 after three stanzas.

For Searsport, Ellis netted 15 points; Faunce, 14; and Seekins, Connor and Hutcheson, all five. Seekins and Connor connected on 3-pointers.

For Narraguagus, Nate Dubling scored seven points; Taylor Ramsay and Tenney, both six; David Grant and Josh Hachey, both five; Andrew Kennedy, four; and Travis Alley, Spencer Thompson and John Batson, all two. Hachey and Grant connected on treys.

In the final game of the day, Islesboro watched the Bucs make a run to regain the lead before Johnson got hot down the stretch to help the islanders pull out the victory.

For Islesboro, Johnson finished with 24 points, six rebounds and five assists; Hatch, 18 points and seven rebounds; Scherr, 14 points; and Gebhardt, five points.

For Georges Valley, which led 28-24 at halftime, Lavoie netted 15 points; Ben Wallace, 14 (10 in the fourth quarter); Alex Wallace and Maloney, both six; Gilson, five; Smith and Townsend, both four; and Armstrong, one.

Additional information from some of the tourney games will be published if it becomes available.

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