A Belfast police officer received praise for keeping his cool Monday night, Nov. 29, when a local man allegedly threatened him with a loaded shotgun.

Belfast Police Chief Jeff Trafton said Sgt. Walter Corey could not have handled the situation any better than he did.

“He didn’t panic, and he kept his cool the whole time,” said Trafton.

Joshua Gross, 36, of Belfast was arrested for operating under the influence and for reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon after a series of events that began with a report of a disturbance involving Gross at a Belfast apartment complex.

Police received an initial complaint about Gross at 9:40 p.m. Trafton said the complainant stated that Gross was attempting to force his way into a residence where he was not wanted. The complainant also stated that Gross appeared to be intoxicated, and that he was yelling and acting disruptive.

“By the time the officers got there, [Gross] was gone,” said Trafton.

Trafton said the responding officers spoke with people at the apartment complex about Gross’ brief appearance in the neighborhood, including a female who told police she was afraid of Gross.

Trafton said Corey, who was one of the responding officers, decided to track Gross down, as he had had dealings with him in the past and felt comfortable talking to him. Corey located Gross at his residence at Macleod’s Trailer Park, which is located off lower Congress Street.

Trafton said Corey went to the front door of Gross’ residence, and Gross met the officer at the door with a shotgun. Gross apparently loaded the firearm in the officer’s presence.

“When the sergeant spoke to him, [Gross] pointed the gun at him,” said Trafton. “… He saw the guy jack a round into it.”

Trafton said Corey remained calm, and after a few minutes of talking with Gross, Gross handed the gun to Corey and was arrested without further incident.

“It could have been bad, he could have fired through the trailer door,” said Trafton. “He knew who [Gross] was, and that was a big plus, but you can’t take anything for granted when you have someone pointing a loaded gun at you.”

Gross is scheduled to appear at Waldo County Superior Court in Belfast Thursday, Jan. 27.