A Burnham man was arrested Wednesday, Dec. 1, after he allegedly went off the road, struck a parked car and knocked a 61-year-old woman into a nearby ditch.

Joshua D. Bither, 18, was arrested for leaving the scene of a personal injury crash, failure to give notice of an accident by the quickest means and operating under the influence involving drugs.

According to the accident report at the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office, Bither was driving along Stagecoach Road in Unity in a 2002 Hyundai at about 3:45 p.m. when he went off the road. Meanwhile, 61-year-old Deena Whited of Unity was standing next to her 2009 Toyota, which was parked in a driveway.

Bither apparently continued off the roadway and crashed into the passenger’s side of Whited’s car. The impact caused the Toyota to hit Whited, knocking the woman into a ditch.

Bither reportedly backed up and left the scene, according to the accident report.

Unity Volunteer Ambulance responded to the scene and transported Whited to Waldo County General Hospital in Belfast to be treated for injuries to her head and arms.

In the meantime, Deputy David Mushrall was headed to the scene when he spotted a Hyundai approaching from the opposite direction, said Waldo County Chief Deputy Bob Keating.

“Deputy Mushrall met the vehicle and saw the it had what appeared to be recent damage,” Keating said.

At first, Bither denied being involved in the crash, but Keating said after a few minutes, Bither indicated that he was the driver involved in the hit-and-run.

Neither Bither nor his passenger, 18-year-old Timothy Alton, was hurt in the accident.

Damage to the Hyundai was estimated at $2,000, while the Toyota sustained about $4,000 in damage. Bither also struck a utility pole as he was going off the road just before he allegedly struck Whited’s car, and the damage estimate for the pole was $1,500.

Bither is scheduled to appear at Fifth District Court in Belfast Tuesday, Jan. 18.