The Maine State Police continue to investigate the disappearance of George Boardman, who was last heard from by his family in September 2000.

“This has been my primary case and although we have conducted many interviews and followed many leads, we still have not found Mr. Boardman,” Detective Mark Brooks told k2Bh Tuesday.

Brooks said that the family’s concern grows each day and that one way or another they would like to know what happened to Boardman.

“We need to find him, whether it’s a crime scene or that he’s just in fact gone on an extended trip. This is still an option, being that he’s a well traveled individual and was employed as a merchant marine, but the family fears that something bad has happened because it is out of character to go so long with any contact,” said Brooks.

The case file has grown very thick, said Brooks, and police continue to follow up on every lead they get.

The family announced a $10,000 reward in March for information leading to his whereabouts and Maine State Police provided the media with the little details they had about the case.

“Mr. Boardman has not returned to his residence, he has not returned to his vehicle, he has not picked up mail, he has not made business transactions, and he has not contacted his family, all of which is out of character,” said Brooks during the March press conference.

Boardman had lived in Bingham since the summer of 2000 and previously lived in Madison and Thomaston. Boardman grew up in Rockland and graduated from Rockland High School in the late 1940s.

Boardman was last seen in September as he left his rented room in Bingham for a doctor’s appointment, believed to be possibly in Augusta.

His vehicle was discovered abandoned in the parking lot of the Searsmont Town Office on Route 131 after a couple of weeks and the search for Boardman began.

Brooks is confident that someone will be able to help solve the mystery but he would rather it happened soon for the sake of the family.

“They are really concerned that Mr. Boardman has met with foul play because he has been silent for so long,” said Brooks. “But we have never ruled it out that he has gone away and just doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Either way we need to find him.”

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  • If anyone has information regarding the whereabouts of George Boardman, they can contact the Maine State Police in Augusta at 800-452-4664 or their local law enforcement agency.

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