Police arrested a Bangor man on three counts of theft Thursday, Dec. 2, because of his alleged involvement in a local shoplifting spree.

Cote S. Cosgro, a 19-year-old transient from Bangor, was arrested just after 3 p.m. Thursday following a series of thefts at three area businesses, according to Belfast Patrolman Wendall Ward. Ward said the thefts likely involved several individuals from the Bangor area, and that more charges are expected to come as a result of the ongoing investigation.

Ward said police were initially alerted to the thefts after receiving a complaint from an employee at Aaron’s Rental Center on Starrett Drive. Ward said the employee reported that two men had just entered the store, grabbed Xbox and Playstation game consoles and ran out of the store.

The employee remained on the phone with dispatchers while officers were en route, and continued chasing the two men long enough to witness the duo drop the merchandise into a car that was parked in front of Hannaford’s. From there, both men ran behind the grocery store.

When the officers arrived, Ward said they spoke to the woman who owned the car. The woman turned the stolen items over to police and stated she had nothing to do with the thefts. Then, Ward said, she made a comment indicating that she knew the two men.

“Then she said she had an appointment and she left,” said Ward, noting that as the investigation wore on, police determined that the woman was involved in the series of thefts.

Meanwhile, officers met with employees at Aaron’s to get descriptions of the men who stole the game consoles. One of the men was described as wearing a green and white hooded shirt and a brand new pair of work boots.

Ward said a short time later, police spotted a man in the area wearing a dark colored sweatshirt that appeared to be covering a green and white shirt. An employee at Aaron’s identified the man as one of the two seen stealing merchandise from the store.

Police picked the man up to question him, at which time the man was identified as Cosgro.

“He admitted to being involved with thefts at Reny’s and Olympia Sports, and that he was with another guy when he stole the stuff at Aaron’s,” Ward said. “There were five of them altogether, but he not admit that they were all involved in the thefts.”

Police determined that much of what Cosgro was wearing at the time of his arrest were items that he had stolen from the Belfast stores.