Midcoast squads for both the Busline League large and small schools have kept busy with recent games. While the large schools are in the midst of their regular season, the small schools are prepared for the postseason.

The current large school standings are:

Eighth-grade boys — Boothbay Elementary School 3-0, Wiscasset Middle School 3-0, Medomak Middle School 2-1, Camden-Rockport Middle School 1-2, Rockland District Middle School 0-3 and Troy Howard Howard Middle School of Belfast 0-3.

Seventh-grade boys — Rockland 4-0, Medomak 3-1, Troy Howard 3-1, Boothbay 2-1, Searsport District Middle School 0-3, Wiscasset 0-3 and Camden-Rockport 0-3.

Eighth-grade girls — Rockland 3-0, Boothbay 2-1, Medomak 2-1, Camden-Rockport 1-2, Wscasset 0-2 and Troy Howard 0-2.

Seventh-grade girls — Rockland 4-0, Troy Howard 3-0, Medomak 3-1, Camden-Rockport 1-2, Wiscasset 0-2, Searsport 0-3 and Boothbay 0-3.

The final small school standings are:

Boys — Vinalhaven School 7-0, Appleton Village School 7-1, Thomaston Grammar School 6-2, Hope Elementary School 5-3, Lincolnville Central School 4-3, Islesboro Central School 2-7, Woolwich 2-7, Bristol 1-7 and Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta 1-7. Islesboro earns a higher position over Woolwich and Bristol over GSB because each won the head-to-head games.

Girls — Great Salt Bay 9-0, Thomaston 7-2, Lincolnville 7-2, Appleton 6-3, Bristol 6-3, Vinalhaven 4-4, Islesboro 2-7, Hope 2-7, Woolwich 2-7 and South Bristol 0-9. Thomaston is higher than Lincolnville and Appleton is above Bristol due to winning head-to-head meetings. The standings for Islesboro, Hope and Woolwich, which all finished 2-7, were determined by drawing from a hat.

While the large schools battle on in regular-season play, the small schools will begin their single-elimination playoffs Monday, Dec. 6, continue Wednesday, Dec. 8 and Friday, Dec. 10 before the championship games will be Tuesday, Dec. 14 at Lincolnville Central School.

On Dec. 6, in girls playoff action, No. 10 South Bristol will be at No. 7 Islesboro and No. 9 Woolwich will play at No. 8 Hope. In boys action the same day, No. 9 GSB will be at No. 8 Bristol.

Playoff games continue Dec. 8. In girls action, No. 2 Thomaston will host the winner of No. 10 South Bristol and No. 7 Islesboro, No. 1 GSB will host the survivor of No. 9 Woolwich and No. 8 Hope, No. 3 Lincolnville will host No. 6 Vinalhaven and No. 4 Appleton will host No. 5 Bristol.

The same day In boys play, No. 1 Vinalhaven will host the winner of No. 9 GSB and No. 8 Bristol, No. 2 Appleton will host No. 7 Woolwich, No. 3 Thomaston will host No. 6 Islesboro and No. 4 Hope will host No. 5 Lincolnville.

The following is a recap of recently reported results. Coaches can e-mail game results to sports@villagesoup.com or call 594-4401.

Boys game results

On Dec. 2 at Waldoboro, the Medomak Middle School eighth-graders lost to Wiscasset 53-28. Wiscasset led 11-6, 21-16 and 35-22 at the quarter breaks. For the Riverhawks, Micah Williamson scored seven points; Hunter Wincapaw five; Glenn Weeks and Tyler Emerson, both four; Sam Morrill, three; Zach Ripley and Noah Beck, both two; and Jamie Temple, one.

Travis Padilla led the victors with 18 points, followed by Matt Craig with 12; Dylan McMahon, eight; Daren Wood, five; J.D. Sousa, four; Tom Anderson, Ridge Barnes and Mike Stewart, all two.

At Waldoboro the same day, the MMS seventh-graders beat Wiscasset 47-26, leading 17-4, 27-16 and 40-20 at the breaks. For Medomak, Nicholas DePatsy scored 18 points; Zach Starr, 10 points; Owen Gilbert and Gavin Black, both four; Nick McAuliffe, David Herron, Ollie Brown and Cortland Fisher, all two; and Dylan Smith, Sheldon Laveway and Jackson Vail, all one.

For Wiscasset Grant Hefler led with 16 points, while Bryson Grover and Corbin Teel both tallied three;  and Brandon Goud and Remy Segovia, both two.

On Nov. 30, the MMS seventh-graders beat Searsport 45-30, after leading 19-4, 29-13 and 38-17 at the breaks. For the Riverhawks, DePatsy tallied 16 points; Gilbert, 13; Riley McCollett, five; Brown, four; Starr, three; and McAuliffe and Herron, both two.

Barrett Grant led Searsport with 15 points, while Eric Phillips added seven and Troy Reynolds four.

MMS coach Patrick Delahanty said Tucker Prescott, Smith and Daniel Bubar played strong defense and Cortland Fisher, Vail and Brady Luce “were able to operate the offense effectively with good teamwork.”

At Belfast Dec. 1, the Troy Howard seventh-graders beat Camden-Rockport 42-31, as the Lions led 12-8, 17-13, and 33-20 at the breaks. Gage Corson keyed the victors with 16 points, while Drew Nealey added five; Zach Darres, Alex Flagg and Gerald Coward, all four; Jordan Bickford, three; and C.J. Brown and and Brian Lowe, both two.

Taylor Crosby led the Schooners with nine points, while Declan Carlson, Dalton Oaks and  Nate Dunton all added fur; Field Leanard and Shawn Albertson, both three; and Cameron Gushee and Nick Denny, both two.

At Belfast the same day, the Camden-Rockport eighth-graders beat the Lions 44-32, as the Schooners led 10-4, 22-12 and 36-21 at the breaks. Andrew Hall keyed the Schooners with 14 points, while Daulton Wickenden added eight; Dimitri Kestenbaum, seven; Chris Weiss, four; Drew Long, three; Greg Foster, Matt Crockett and Bryan Clement, all two; and Adam Breheny and and Eric Blohm, both one.

For Troy Howard, Roman led with 11 points.

Girls game results

At Wiscasset Dec. 2, the Medomak eighth-graders won 52-23, leading 15-5, 25-13 and 38-15 at the breaks. For the Riverhawks, Hannnah Marks tallied 13 points; Lexi Genthner, 10; Maggie Cox, eight; Hannah Heald, six; Justice Barrows, Sophie Cohen and Aidan Skov, all four; and CeCe Luce, three.

For Wiscasset, A. Faulkingham led the hosts with six points, followed by K. Gordon with five; H. Miese and C. Henekins, both four; H. Foye, two; and T. Onorato and R. Berry, both one.

At Wiscasset the same day, the Medomak seventh-graders won 31-12, after leading 12-4, 17-10 and 23-10 at the breaks. For the Riverhawks, Brooke Creamer scored seven points, including making 3-of-4 free throws; while Ariel Haskins, Krista Hooper, Emylee Leary, McKenzie Wing and Brianna Luce each scored four; and Paige Mason and Jill van der Schaff, each two.

Gabby Chapman scored eight points and Chelsea Dorr four for Wiscasset.

At Searsport Nov. 30, the Medomak Middle School seventh-graders won 29-2, as the Riverhawks led 4-0, 8-0 and 21-0 at the breaks. Haskins led MMS with 10 points, followed by Kayleigh Curtis with six; Wing and Mason, both four; Creamer and Luce, both two; and Leary, one.

Harley Kirk scored Searport’s two points at the final buzzer to keep the young Vikings from being shut out.

The same day, Appleton edged Hope 38-34 in a thrilling game. Hope led 9-7 at the end of the first quarter, while Appleton took a 15-11 cushion at halftime. Hope regained a 26-25 edge after three quarters.

For the winning Wildcats, Brianna Flynn tallied nine points; Katie Moody, eight; Sierra Marston, six; Victoria Anderson, five; Makayla Maxwell and Paige Widdecomb, both four; and Kristen Kieran, two.

Information for Hope was unavailable.

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