Friday, Dec. 10 is not only the opening night for most Midcoast high school varsity hoop programs, but also an important night in the ongoing Busline League small school playoffs.

Eight small school teams remain in the single-elimination playoffs in the boys and girls divisions, with the championship finalists to be set at the conclusion of Friday’s contests.

In boys action, No. 1 Vinalhaven defeated Bristol in the final quarterfinal playoff game Thursday to set up a semifinal showdown with No. 4 Hope Elementary School. No. 2 Appleton Village School will host No. 3 Thomaston Grammar School in Friday’s other semifinal. The winners of each game will clash Tuesday, Dec. 14 at Lincolnville Central School for the league championship.

In girls action, No. 1 Great Salt Bay of Damariscotta defeated No. 8 Hope in Thursday’s final quarterfinal playoff game to set up a semifinal showdown Friday with No. 4 Appleton. No. 2 Thomaston will host No. 3 Lincolnville in Friday’s other semifinal. The winners of each of those games will also battle Dec. 14 at Lincolnville Central School for the league championship.

There have been an abundance of hoops on the hardwood for Busline League student-athletes the past few days, whether it be the win-or-go-home mentality of the small school playoffs or the regular-season action being played among the large schools.

The large school regular-season standings as of Thursday were;

Eighth-grade boys — Boothbay Elementary School 4-0, Wiscasset Middle School 3-1, Medomak Middle School 3-1, Camden-Rockport Middle School 2-2, Rockland District Middle School 1-4 and Troy Howard Howard Middle School of Belfast 0-5.

Seventh-grade boys — Rockland 7-0, Medomak 4-1, Boothbay 3-1, Troy Howard 2-3, Camden-Rockport 1-4, Wiscasset 1-4 and Searsport District Middle School 0-4.

Eighth-grade girls — Rockland 5-0, Medomak 4-1, Boothbay 3-2, Camden-Rockport 1-3, Wscasset 0-3 and Troy Howard 0-4.

Seventh-grade girls — Rockland 7-0, Troy Howard 3-1, Medomak 4-2, Camden-Rockport 2-3, Wiscasset 1-3, Boothbay 1-4 and Searsport 0-4.

The following is a recap of recently reported Busline League small school playoff games, along with large school regular-season contests:

Small school boys playoffs

At Vinalhaven Thursday, the No. 1 Vikings defended home court and took a 59-19 victory over No. 8 Bristol. The hosts led 11-1, 27-5 and 42-13 at the quarter breaks.

Austin Christensen led the Vikings with 17 points, while Everett Webster added 12; Ben Beckman, seven; Noak Slivinsky and Ian Dyer, both five; Doug Day, four; Lucas Jones, three; and Drew Warren, Colton Watt and Jason Moody, all two.

For Bristol, Avery Hodous netted eight points, while Bretty McLean added six; Mike Batty and Kyle Batty, both two; and Austin Bouchard, one.

At Appleton Wednesday, No. 2 AVS posted a 44-27 win over No. 7 Woolwich. The Wildcats led 16-4, 25-8 and 31-15 at the quarter breaks.

Nathan Pascal had a game-high 16 points, while Wyatt Summers added 12 and also blocked 10 shots. Owen Hilt and Austin Egan each added four points in the win, while Tucker Patten, Cam Lafleche, Morgan Ford and Nick Cammilieri all scored two.

For Woolwich, Dakota Freelan and Jake Cressey led the way with eight points apiece.

At Thomaston Wednesday, No. 2 TGS nipped No. 7 Islesboro 54-50. The Clippers led 17-15 after the first quarter and 29-26 at the half, while the Eagles took a 44-35 lead after three quarters.

Andrew King poured in 33 points for the Clippers, while Griffin Lombardo added 10; Cody Corr, six; Nick Killeran, four; and Zach Robinson, one.

For Islesboro, Curtis Hall netted 26 points, while Jake Pellagrino added 10; Ian Davis, six; and Sage Kelly and Nick Day, both four.

At Hope earlier this week, No. 4 Hope posted a 53-23 win over No. 5 Lincolnville. The Hawks led 15-6, 23-16 and 35-21 at the breaks.

Bill Bracher scored 16 points to lead Hope, while Julian Starbird added 12; Casey Rouleau, 10; Nathan Soule and Louis Laurita, both six; and Matt Young, two.

Connor Grindle netted eight points for LCS, while Ben Rollins added six; Wyatt Parr, four; Colt Muir, three; and Peyton Young, Aithen Heald, Zac Collins and Noah Botley, all two.

Small school girls playoffs

At Damariscotta Thursday, top-seeded Great Salt Bay defeated No. 8 Hope 38-23. Leading the Hawks were Paige Morgridge with 11 points, while Caity Agnor and Kelsie Merrill each added four; and Katelyn Durkee two. Additional game infomation was unavailable.

At Thomaston Wednesday, No. 2 TGS defeated No. 7 Islesboro 43-12 in the quarterfinals. The Clippers led 19-2, 27-6 and 33-6 at the quarter breaks.

Makenna Brooks poured in 27 points to lead the hosts, while Kalyn Grover added 10; Raven Meklin, four, and Mary Allen, two.

For Islesboro, Kayla Pendleton netted five points, while Melissa Chochman added four and Callie Cook one.

At Appleton Wednesday, No. 4 AVS defeated No. 5 Bristol 41-37. The Wildcats led 10-6 after the first quarter, while the Blue Devils rallied to take a 22-17 halftime edge and a 27-22 lead after three quarters. The Wildcats then went on a 19-10 run to end the game and advance in the playoffs.

Rachel Pease netted 10 points for the winners, while Katie Moody added 10; Kristen Kieran, eight; Paige Widdecomb, five; Brianna Flynn, four; and Makayla Maxwell, two.

For Bristol, Ashley Mason netted 13 points, while Heather Benner added eight; Logan Molt, Sydney Dyer and Bayley Pendleton, all four; and Chloe Hallowell and Norma Leeman, two.

At Lincolnville Wednesday, No. 3 LCS defeated No. 6 Vinalhaven 32-19. The Lynx led 16-2, 24-9 and 26-13 at the breaks.

Annie Young led the hosts with 11 points, while Cheyenne Jones, Brooke Benson, Elizabeth Cummons and Katia Kordek, all four; Emily Morse, three; and Desi Dodd, two.

For The Vikings, Brie Bartlett netted five points, while Taylor Littlefield and Andrea Shane each added four; and Ashley Oakes, Sarah James and Zoey Warren, all two.

At Hope Tuesday, the No. 8 Hawks defeated No. 9 Woolwich 37-25 in a prelim playoff game. The game was tied 17-17 at halftime before the Hawks outscored the Wildcats 20-8 over the final 16 minutes.

Morgridge netted 16 points to lead the Hawks, while Agnor added eight; Durkee, six;  Merrill, four; and Ashley Gunn, three. Top scorers for the Wildcats were not available.

Large school boys play

At Belfast Thursday, the Medomak Middle School eighth-graders posted a 72-47 win over Troy Howard Middle School of Belfast. The Riverhawks led 19-10, 41-29 and 59-29 at the quarter breaks.

Micah Williamson poured in 25 points to lead MMS, while Jamie Temple added 14; Noah Beck, seven; Sam Morrill, Robbie Flint, Glenn Weeks and Hunter Wincapaw, all five; and Makale Willis, Vincent Garland and Tyler Emerson, all two.

For Troy Howard, Matt Smith netted 13 points, while Zavier Roman added 11; Tyler Laplant and Levi Lapham, both seven; Owen Falvey, four; and Adam Littlefield, two.

Also at Belfast Thursday, the Medomak Middle School seventh-grade squad defeated host Troy Howard 44-16. The Riverhawks led 12-2, 21-6 and 33-12 at the quarter breaks.

Nick DePatsy netted eight points for MMS, while Sheldon Laveway added seven; Owen Gilbert and Zach Starr, both six; Tucker Prescott, five; Jackson Vail and Brady Luce, both three; Nick McAuliffe and Riley McCollett, both two; and Ollie Brown and Gavin Black, each one.

For Troy Howard, Alex Fritz netted six points, while Alex Flagg added four and Patrick Groening and Drew Nealey, two apiece.

At Camden Wednesday, the Camden-Rockport Middle School seventh-graders fell to Rockland District Middle School 75-25. The Eagles led 24-4, 39-9 and 63-14 at the quarter breaks.

Riley Sprague led RDMS with 19 points, while Nick Mazurek added 17; Isiah Green, 14; Keenan Hendricks, 11; Thomas Curtis, eight; Nick Tucker, four; and Jake Bartlett, two.

Among the scorers for the Schooners were Taylor Crosby with seven points, while Jack Gallagher and Dalton Oakes each added three; and Aidan Acosta, Gavin Boyd, Nick Greer, Ian McBride and Nick Denny, each two.

Also at Camden Wednesday, the CRMS eighth-graders defeated RDMS 51-38. The Schooners trailed 11-2 after the first quarter, but rallied to take a 24-17 halftime edge and a 38-17 lead after three quarters.

Daulton Wickenden netted 11 points for the hosts, while Dimitri Kestenbaum added 10; Andrew Hall, eight; Matt Crockett, seven; Eric Blohm, five; Ryan Pierce and Brian Clement, both four; and Liam Coyle and Drew Holt, both two.

The names of the RDMS’ scorers were unavailable.

At Searsport Tuesday, the CRMS seventh-graders defeated Searsport 48-28. The Schooners led 18-7, 23-16 and 40-23 at the quarter breaks.

Crosby keyed CRMS with 14 points, while Gallagher added 11; Boyd, eight; Shawn Albertson, three; and Declan Carlson, Cam Gushee, Field Leonard, Greer, Oakes and McBride, all two.

Barrett Grant and Eric Philips each netted nine points for Searsport, while Troy Reynolds scored five; Dale Hustus and Justin Bacon, both two; and Mitchell Philbrook, one.

Large school girls play

At Waldoboro Thursday, the Medomak Middle School seventh-grade squad dropped a 27-20 decision to visiting Troy Howard Middle School. The Lions led 4-0, 14-6 and 20-16 at the quarter breaks.

Alexis Racioppi netted nine points to key Troy Howard, while Mariah Sturgis added five; Hannah Nichols and Anna Simmons, both four; Brean Cummings and Keeli Faulkingham, both two; and Lydia Violette, one.

For the Riverhawks, Ariel Haskins netted six points, Brooke Creamer, four; Brianna Luce, three; McKenzie Wing, Miranda Belcher and Jill van der Schaaf, all two; and Kayleigh Curtis, one.

At Rockland Wednesday, the Rockland District Middle School seventh-graders posted a 40-17 win over Camden-Rockport Middle School. The game was tied 6-6 after the first eight minutes, while RDMS took a 17-10 lead at halftime and a 30-12 edge after three quarters.

Brianna Dugan netted 11 points for the hosts, while Krisandra McNichol added eight; Rachel Philbrook, six; Megan McGonagle, five; Ari Curtis, four; and Abby Lacasse, Mariah Harris and Autumn Keene, all two.

The names of scorers for CRMS were unavailable.

Also at Rockland Wednesday, the RDMS eighth-graders posted a 47-29 win over CRMS. The Eagles led 16-7, 23-14 and 36-21 at the breaks.

Emily Gould had 19 points for the hosts, while Payton Billingsley added nine; Jackie Thorbjornson, six; Chelsea Williams, five; and Ashley Gardner and Jordan Carpenter, each four.

The Schooners were led by Macy Buck, who poured in a game-high 20 points.

At Belfast Tuesday, the RDMS eighth-graders defeated Troy Howard 40-8. The Eagles led 12-0, 20-2 and 27-4 at the quarter breaks.

Amanda Hopper scored 10 points for the visitors, while Kasey Buretta added six; Jordan Carpenter, Williams and Janelle Fowlie, all four; Gould, three; Thorbjornson, Alexx Chase and Brittany Rytky, all two; and Kaylyn Keesler, one.

For the Lions, Zoey Felton and Maddy Littlefield each netted four points.

Also at Belfast Tuesday, the RDMS seventh-graders defeated Troy Howard 41-30. The Eagles led 12-10, 26-14 and 28-22 at the breaks.

Dugan netted 12 points for RDMS, while McNichol added 11; Curtis, seven; McGonagle, four; LaCasse, Rachel Philbrook and Autumn Keene, all two; and Rebecca Boggs, one. The names of the scorers for the Lions were not available.

At Waldoboro Tuesday, the Medomak Middle School seventh-graders defeated Boothbay 21-5. The Riverhawks led 8-0, 11-0 and 13-3 at the breaks.

Ariel Haskins scored six points for MMS, while Brooke Creamer added five; McKenzie Wing, four; and Krista Hooper, Paige Mason and Kayleigh Curtis, each two.

C. O’Brien and N. Clark each scored two points for Boothbay.

Also at Waldoboro Tuesday, the MMS eighth-graders posted a thrilling 45-44 win over Boothbay. The Wildcats led 13-6, 25-18 and 39-38 at the quarter breaks, while the Riverhawks nipped the visitors 7-5 over the final eight minutes to squeeze out the victory.

Justice Barros scored 19 points for the Riverhawks, while Hannah Marks added 12; Sophie Cohen, four; and Maddie Cox, Aiden Skov and Lexi Genthner, all two.

Courtney Brewer keyed Boothbay with 12 points, while Morgan Crocker added 11; Sara Durgan, seven; Hannah Morley and Nicole Rice, each five; and Ave Traina and Liz Bailey, both two.

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