High school varsity basketball made its triumphant return to the hardwood throughout the Midcoast over the weekend, with every team in the area displaying their talents and making their first cases against conference foes.

Among the winners on the court Friday and Saturday were the Medomak Valley, North Haven and Vinalhaven girls, along with the Islesboro and Vinalhaven boys.

Coaches can send game results via e-mail at sports@villagesoup.com, by calling 594-4401 or by faxing game books to 596-6981.

The following is a recap of the weekend’s reported results:

Girls basketball

Maine Central Institute 36, Belfast 35 (OT) … At Pittsfield Friday, the Lions (0-1) could not hold off a late charge by the Huskies (1-0), who forced overtime and pulled away for a one-point win. Belfast led 7-6 at the end of the first quarter, 17-12 at intermission and 19-17 after three quarters before the Huskies knotted the game 29-29 at the end of regulation.

Lexi Nelligan paced Belfast with 15 points, three rebounds, three steals and one blocked shot, while additional contributors for the visitors were Katrina Lapham (6 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, steal), Liz Rauch (4 points, 3 rebounds), Ashley Littlefield (3 points, 8 rebounds, steal), Courtney Drinkwater (2 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals), Makayla Cummings (2 points) and Mckenzie Thibodeau (2 points, 3 rebounds.

Kaylee Aton scored 12 points for MCI, while Ashley Kitchin added eight; Brittney Glencross, four; Jenna Tovier and Picabo Morrell, both three; Allie Sinclair and Katherine Smedberg, both two; and Taylor Wright, one.

Medomak Valley 53, Gardiner 29 … At Waldoboro, the host Panthers (1-0) pulled away from the visiting Tigers (0-1) in the second half and secured their first win of the year by double digits. Medomak Valley led 10-8, 25-21 and 36-26 at the quarter breaks.

Ericka Christensen led the way for the hosts with 12 points, while Alanna Vose added 11; Nicole Weaver, 10; Lindsay Ranquist, eight; Kasey Benner, four; and Mallory Conary, Roxanne Jelenfy, Kelly Leidenroth and Vanessa Davis, all two.

For Gardiner, Jenna Moore keyed the offense with 13 points, while Carly Pelletier added six; Tricia Tzikas, four; Paige Pillsbury, three; Liz Kelley, two; and Kylee Granholm, one.

The Panthers were 10-of-13 (77 percent) from the foul line, while the Tigers were 5-of-12 (42 percent).

St. Dominic 39, Georges Valley 26 … At Lewiston Saturday, the Buccaneers (0-1) fell behind early in the first quarter and never recovered as the Saints marched to their first win of the new season. St. Dominic led 11-2, 17-13 and 32-23 at the quarter breaks.

Jill Bradbury netted 15 points to lead the Bucs, while Kennadi Grover added four; Katlyn Rich and Jessie Veilleux, each three; and Rose Benner, one.

For the Saints, Allaina Murphy netted 17 points, while Mary Caron added nine; Sarah Gosselin, six; Meghan Murphy, five; and Carolyn Joseph, two.

Buc coach Dwight Henry said his squad scored about 45 points per game last season and if they hope to get there again, they need to become more team oriented and become more confident in their abilities. “The girls have to understand that when we have an outside shot that is 15, 16, 17 feet away and we are open that’s when we need to take [the shot],” said Henry.

The Bucs were 2-of-6 from the foul line (33 percent), while St. Dominic was 7-of-14 (50 percent) from the charity stripe.

North Haven 35, Islesboro 19 … At North Haven Saturday, the host Hawks (2-0) defended home court and pulled out their second win of the young season over the Eagles (0-2). North Haven led 11-6, 21-13 and 25-13 at the quarter breaks.

Erin Cooper netted 16 points to lead the Hawks, while Leta Hallowell added five points and 11 rebounds; and Abigail Campbell and Cody Joyce, each seven points. Campbell and Hallowell had 11 rebounds and 12 rebounds, respectively.

For Islesboro, Autumn Johnson netted eight points, while Alana Govoni added four; Ally Craig and Maddison Raynor, both three; and Mikah McKinney, one.

North Haven 40, Islesboro 19 … At North Haven Friday, the Hawks soared past the Eagles and collected their first win by a convincing margin over the Eagles.

Erin Cooper netted 15 points and added five steals for the hosts, while Leta Hallowell had 10 points and 11 rebounds; Abigail Campbell, 10 points and six rebounds; and Cody Joyce, five points.

For the Eagles, Alana Govoni netted five points, while Autumn Johnson added four; and Caitlin Small, Lindsay Durkee, Ally Craig, Mikah McKinney and Sierra Roy, all two.

Stearns 50, Searsport 16 … At Millinocket, the visiting Vikings (0-1) could not contend with one of Eastern Class C’s top teams and fell by a considerable margin. The Minutemen (1-0) led 14-8, 28-8 and 42-18 at the quarter breaks.

Briana Grant netted 12 points for the Vikings, while Cassie Martin added three and Alicen Brooks, one.

For the Minutmen, Taylor Pelkey led the way with a 14-point effort.

Vinalhaven 38, Forest Hills 37 … On Vinalhaven Saturday, the Vikings battled back after trailing for much of the game and nipped the Tigers for a one-point win. Forest Hills of Jackman led 15-12 at the end of the first quarter and 28-20 at halftime before the Vikings outscored the Tigers 18-9 over the final 16 minutes en route to the win.

Alex Slivinsky netted 12 points and added seven rebounds in the win, while Alana Watt added 10 points; Ashley Hamilton, four points and four rebounds; and Izza Drury, eight points and seven rebounds.

Vinalhaven 53, Forest Hills 47 … On Vinalhaven Friday, the host Vikings pulled out a six-point victory over the visiting Tigers. The islanders led 18-4, 27-20 and 38-34 at the quarter breaks.

Alana Watt poured in 22 points to pace the Vikings, while Ashley Hamilton netted eight points and added five rebounds; Izza Drury, seven points and eight rebounds; Alex Slivinsky, six points and six rebounds; Bianca Barroso, five points; Blake Reidy, three points; and Cassandra Hopkins, two points.

Winslow 52, Rockland 21 … At Winslow Friday, the Tigers fell behind early and could never catch the host Black Raiders. Keying Rockland were Brooke Dugan (8 points, 2 steals), Casey Carroll (4 points), Becky Wellman (4 points, 2 rebounds, 3 steals), Hannah Plourde (2 points, 4 rebounds), Danica Hooper (2 points, 3 rebounds), Phoebe Ferraiolo (5 rebounds, 3 steals) and Emma Spencer (point, 2 assists.

Tiger coach Teel Foster said Ferraiolo turned in “great all-around hustle” and added, “We came out slow and it is hard to dig out of a hole. Once the jitters were out we settled in briefly, only to lose the fire in the second half. As long as the girls don’t hang their heads and keep improving we will be OK.”

Winslow led 19-6, 28-17 and 38-20 at the quarter breaks. K. Bouchard tallied 14 points, M. Chenard 10 and M. Richards eight for the Black Raiders.

Boys basketball

Winslow 56, Rockland 32 … At Rockland, the Black Raiders (1-0) outscored the Tigers (0-1) in each quarter and pulled out a double-digit victory. Winslow led 13-10, 26-19 and 40-25 at the quarter breaks.

Isaiah Stone-Patterson led Rockland with eight points, while Shea Davenport added seven; Ryan Ecker, six; David Harrison, five; Sam Meklin, four; and Derek Miller, John Gerry and Bronson Philbrick, all one.

Mike McCann scored 15 points to lead Winslow, while Justin Murray added 10.

Maine Central Institute 45, Belfast 33 … At Belfast, the visiting Huskies (1-0) distanced themselves from the Lions (0-1) in the fourth quarter on the strength of a 16-5 run and went on to victory. The Huskies led 14-8, 20-19 and 29-28 at the quarter breaks.

Eric Mitchell scored nine points for Belfast, while Jamie Jackson added seven; Brad Reed, six; Adam Heroux, five; Dylan Webster, four; and Tyler Prescott, two.

For the Huskies, Craig Reazor netted 16 points, while Tyler Maloon added 14; Trey Vintimer, seven; Kaleb Chute, four; and Adam Ogdena and Corey Huff, both two.

The Lions were 4-of-9 from the foul line (44 percent), while the Huskies were 6-of-8 (75 percent).

Islesboro 75, North Haven 25 … At North Haven Saturday, the Eagles (2-0) soared higher than the host Hawks (0-2) and prevailed by 50 points. Islesboro led 27-4, 49-12 and 61-16 at the quarter breaks.

D.J. Johnson posted a triple-double, netting 13 points, along with 11 assists and 11 steals. Also contributing to the Eagle offense were Gerard Scherr (21 points, 7 rebounds, 8 steals), Max Mahan (8 points, 9 rebounds), Jason Hatch (14 points) and Charlie Gebhardt (11 points).

For the Hawks, Zeb Campbell netted 13 points, while Rico Rattina added eight; and Jeremy Page and Aiden Emerson, both two.

Islesboro 66, North Haven 20 … At North Haven Friday, the Eagles earned their first win in their season opener on the road in a 46-point decision over the host Hawks.

Mahan had 19 points and seven steals in the win, while Scherr added 17 points; Hatch, nine points and 11 rebounds; and Johnson, 11 points, five rebounds and five assists.

For the Hawks, Campbell led the way with eight points, while Avery Waterman added seven; Riley Venger, three; and Rattina, two.

Stearns 72, Searsport 45 … At Millinocket, the Vikings (0-1) dug themselves into a first-quarter hole and never got out as the Minutemen (1-0) cruised to their first win of the season. Stearns led 24-10, 41-17 and 57-29 at the quarter breaks.

Milton Jones led Searsport with 16 points and added 12 rebounds, while Rocky Faunce added 10 points and eight rebounds; Shane Seekins, 10 points; Buddy Ellis, six points; and Allen Connor, three points.

For Stearns, Brandon McLaughlin poured in a game-high 35 points, while Ethan Michaud added 11; Billy Eurich, eight; Brandon Bouchard, nine; Brian Bouchard, four; Jarrod McCleary, three; and Jeremy Buldoc, two.

Despite the loss, Vikings coach Brad Cook was encouraged with what he saw from his team and looks forward to watching their efforts come together over the course of the season. “The game gave us lots of positives for us to build on,” he said. “The team never gave up, always worked hard, and did some nice things. We are going to keep getting better.”

Forest Hills 55, Vinalhaven 47 … On the island Saturday, the Tigers (1-1) pulled away from the host Vikings (1-1) in the fourth quarter and salvaged a weekend split with the islanders. Vinalhaven led 14-12 after the first eight minutes, while Forest Hills took a 25-24 halftime lead and a 37-35 edge after three quarters.

Steven Osgood netted 16 points for the Vikings, while Bobby Beckman added 15; Brian Stanley, five; Scott James and Dillon Ames, each four; and Tyler Chilles, three.

Dylan McNally poured in a game-high 21 points for the Tigers, while Evan Worster added 12; Derek Ouelette, eight; Raymond Petrin, five; and Joey Gilbert and Spencer Conrad, both four;

Vinalhaven 57, Forest Hills 41 … On Vinalhaven Friday, the visiting Vikings secured their first win of the year over the host Tigers. Vinalhaven led 13-2, 31-10 and 49-25 at the quarter breaks.

Steven Osgood led the way with 17 points, while Brian Stanley added 14; Willie Drury, seven; Byron Thomas, five; Bobby Beckman, four; and Scott James, Trey Warren and Tyler Chilles, all two.

For Forest Hills Dylan McNally netted 13 points, while Raymond Petrin added 10; Evan Worster, eight; Derek Ouelette, six; and Joey Gilbert, four.

Information on Medomak Valley’s season-opening game will appear when the information becomes available.

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