In less than a week’s time, the Belfast Police Department responded to two separate complaints about underage drinking parties taking place at one particular home on Jesse Robbins Road.

Friday, Dec. 10, police charged three local people in connection with the second underage drinking party that was reported at the residence of 20-year-old Jasper Hall, according to Belfast Police Chief Jeff Trafton.

Hall was charged with illegal possession of liquor by a minor and furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol. Jesse F. Kamienski, 18, of Swanville, was also charged with illegal possession of alcohol by a minor, as was a 17-year-old female who was found at the residence.

Trafton said police got an initial complaint of an underage drinking party going on at Hall’s home Monday, Dec. 6, when a local woman reportedly found her underage daughter in an intoxicated state at the Hall residence.

Trafton said Hall was not charged in that incident, because at the time he claimed the girl did come to his home, but she was already drunk when she arrived.

Friday, Trafton said police had been alerted about another underage drinking party that was set to take place at the Hall residence that evening.

“The first time they went out there it was fairly early, but we’d gotten a tip that a party was going to happen there, so they just kept on checking until they saw a bunch of cars in the driveway,” Trafton said.

When police arrived at the Hall residence at about 8 p.m., Trafton said, several party-goers fled into the woods behind the home. The officers called for a Maine State Police K-9 unit to help track some of the individuals who had fled the scene on foot, and Trafton said charges are pending against additional people who are believed to have been involved with the party.