Police say an argument over family issues prompted a physical altercation between a man and a woman Saturday, Dec. 11, after which a Belmont man was arrested on three charges.

Larry G. Livingston, 47, was arrested for assault, obstructing the report of a crime and violating conditions of release following the incident that was reported at a Swan Lake Avenue apartment building just before 10 p.m.

Belfast Police Chief Jeff Trafton said Livingston was apparently visiting a female acquaintance at the apartment building when the two began arguing about the woman’s family.

Trafton said that when the officers arrived at the scene they noticed the woman had visible marks on her neck. The woman told police that Livingston had pulled her hair and choked her as a result of their disagreement.

The woman was treated for her injuries at Waldo County General Hospital, Trafton said.

Trafton said the woman made an attempt to defend herself, and that was evident when the officers arrived at the scene.

“He had a bloody nose where she had punched him to try and get away,” said Trafton.

A check into Livingston’s criminal history, Trafton said, indicated that Livingston had been living in Waldo County for a relatively short time, and that he had a criminal record in Tennessee. Trafton did not know the nature of the crimes that Livingston was convicted of in his prior state of residence.

Livingston remained in custody at the Waldo County Jail as of Monday morning.

Livingston is scheduled to appear at Waldo County Superior Court Tuesday, Jan. 4.