The Belfast wrestllng squad may include its youngest overall roster in years, but that has not stopped the Lions from being more than competitive in the early going of the 2010-11 season.

Belfast (5-0) continued to pin down mat wins Wednesday night by downing host Morse of Bath 57-21 and outlasting Mount Ararat/Brunswick 48-33.

Belfast’s individual results from that tri-meet, with Lions listed first, were:

103 pounds — Evan Drinkwater pinned K. Bonti, Mor, at 0:27; and pinned Jacob Kenney, MtA/Brun, at 1:25.

112 pounds — Walker Roberts lost to Harrington, Mor, 8-2. Alec Young pinned Corey Allen, MtA/Brun, at 3:35.

119 pounds — Tremmil Groene pinned Leighton, Mor, at 1:12; and won by forfeit over Mt. Ararat/Brunswick.

125 pounds — Jordan Young pinned Stevens, Mor, 1:12; and pinned Felipe Gunter, MtA/Brun, at 3:27.

130 pounds — Derek Philbrook was pinned by McDougal, Mor, at 1:08; and lost by injury default to Sam Oh, MtA/Bruns.

135 pounds — Chapin Lamont was pinned by Brackett, Mor, at 1:44; and pinned Luke Aronne, MtA/Bruns, at 1:55.

140 pounds — Anthony Salsbury pinned Mitchell, Mor, at 0:31; and was pinned by Danny Ewing, MtA/Bruns, at 0:54.

145 pounds — Daniel Weiss won by forfeit over Morse; and lost by technical fall to Jake Oh, MtA/Bruns, 15-0.

152 pounds — Justin Philbrook beat Alvakez, Mor,  9-4; and lost by major decision to Malcolm Marshall, MtA/Bruns, 12-5.

160 pounds — Michael Vallero pinned Colson, Mor, at 1:54; and won by forfeit over Mt. Ararat/Brunswick.

171 pounds — Forest Boynton won by forfeit over Morse. Kornealius Wood pinned Alec Temple, MtA/Bruns, at 3:02.

189 pounds — Peter Kelley pinned Heenie, Mor, at 1:21; and pinned Gary Zach, MtA/Bruns, at 1:02.

215 pounds — Wyatt Roberts pinned A. Mitchell, Mor, at 2:43; and was pinned by Chad Pine, MtA/Bruns, at 1:51.

285 pounds — Tyson Marr was pinned by Ivan Leet, MtA/Bruns, at 0:34.

Belfast Duals

While the final point totals and individual places for Lions from the eighth annual Belfast Duals Dec. 11 appeared in another recent story, the dual-match results against Gardiner, Skowhegan and Erskine Academy of South China for winning Belfast were:

103 pounds — Drinkwater pinned Branden Bailey, EA, at 0:13; and won by forfeit over Skowhegan and Gardiner.

112 pounds — W. Roberts pinned John Swett, Skow, at 4:47; pinned A. Windhausen, Gard, at 1:27; and pinned Nick Kothman, EA, at 1:33.

119 pounds — J. Young pinned Barrett Ames, Skow, at 0:54; pinned B. Bran, Gard, at 1:42; and pinned Joseph York, EA, at 1:26.

125 pounds — Brent Waterman won by forfeit over Skow; pinned W. Rush, Gard at 2:18; and beat Bryton York, EA, 11-5.

130 pounds — D. Philbrook won by forfeit over Skow; beat M. Bryant, Gard, 5-1; and pinned Gage Currie, EA, at 4:50.

135 pounds — Lamont beat Newell Graf, Skow, 6-1; was pinned by D. Delgato, Gard, at 1:47; and pinned Brandon Brochu, EA, at 4:39.

140 pounds — Salsbury won by forfeit over Skow; was pinned by W. Thornton, Gard, at 2:52; and pinned Rachale Sage, EA, at 1:41.

145 pounds — Weiss was pinned by Kaleb Austin, Skow, at 2:44; beat B. Champman, Gard, 16-3; and pinned Brendon Henderson, EA, at 4:15.

152 pounds — J. Philbrook pinned Artie Perkins, Skow, at 3:38; beat J. Brown, Gard, 6-3; and beat Brenden Wood, EA, 6-0.

160 pounds — Kaleb Cook was pinned by Brandon Corson, Skow, at 0:43; and was pinned by Z. Abram, Gard, at 0:36. Ethan Fitzjurls lost by injury default to Cameron Campbell, EA, at 2:46.

171 pounds — Wood pinned Levi Hayden, Skow, at 2:50; pinned C. Palmer, Gardiner, at 1:18; and was pinned by Ryan Wood, EA, at 2:42.

189 pounds — Kelley pinned Zach Witham, Skow, at 3:11; pinned B. Graffam, Gard, at 2:34; and pinned Benjamin Johnson, EA, at 1:01.

215 pounds — W. Roberts was pinned by Andrew Pineo, Skow, at 3:28; lost to M. Chestley, Gard, 6-4; and pinned Brandon Burns, EA, at 1:20.

285 pounds — Belfast forfeited to Skowhegan, Gardiner and Erskine Academy.

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