Police have arrested a Frankfort woman on three counts of theft and three counts of burglary in connection with allegations that she stole more than $5,000 worth of jewelry from her great-grandmother in Belfast.

Kayla Seekins, 20, was arrested Thursday, Dec. 16, following an investigation by Belfast Patrolman Eric Kelley.

Kelley said the case was brought to his attention when police received a complaint Dec. 8 from Seekins’ great-grandmother, who initially thought she was missing four or five rings. One of the rings that the woman reported missing, Kelley said, included a stone that can only be found in Aruba.

“You can’t buy it in the States,” Kelley said, adding that the value of that ring alone was estimated at $2,500.

Another of the rings that the woman reported missing was one purchased for about $1,500 during the 1940s. Kelley estimated the value of that ring to be at least $2,000 today.

Kelley took the information he had about the stolen items and inquired about them at a downtown pawnshop, at which time an employee there showed Kelley a list of the people who had recently pawned jewelry. Kelley said the pawnshop keeps copies of customers’ driver’s licenses each time they pawn an item, and that is how he spotted the copy of a license that carried the last name Seekins.

Kelley said Seekins was one of the last names the complainant had given him to assist with the investigation, as the woman suspected relatives might have been involved with the thefts.

Upon further inspection of the pawnshop records, Kelley found that Seekins had pawned some jewelry Dec. 7, as well as on two other occasions that dated back as far as last month. Those records showed that Seekins had pawned the rings that the complainant had reported missing, as well as a few additional pieces of jewelry that had also belonged to her great-grandmother.

The jewelry has since been recovered, said Kelley.

Seekins told police she took the jewelry and sold it to help pay for her gas and cigarettes.

Following the investigation, Seekins was arrested and transported to the Waldo County Jail.