The Mount View wrestling squad has been busy in recent days with a bundle of matches, including the most recent mat encounter, a 36-35 win over a split squad team from visiting Camden Hills Dec. 18.

The Windjammers split their roster to compete in two events Saturday, with one group heading to Thorndike for a meet with the Mustang and the other going to Marshwood (results from that tourney will appear in a different story).

The individual results, with Mount View grapplers listed, were:

103 pounds — Mount View and Camden Hills had a double forfeit.

112 pounds — Mount View and Camden Hills had a double forfeit.

119 pounds — Tim Abbott pinned Brooks Bumballo at 0:17.

125 pounds — Silas Fox won by forfeit over Camden Hills.

130 pounds — Roger Flannery won by forfeit over Camden Hills.

135 pounds — Dustin Whitcomb was pinned by Zack Kimble at 0:33.

140 pounds — Derek Tripp won by forfeit over Camden Hills.

145 pounds — Theo Lawrence was pinned by Riley Peterson at 1:00.

152 pounds — Joel Poulin was pinned by Josh Dean at 1:28.

160 pounds — Mount View forfeited to Michael Haskell.

171 pounds — Jake Blanchette pinned Jack Hauprich at 3:34.

189 pounds — Jordan Fowler was pinned by Brandon Graffam at 0:49.

215 pounds — Devan Fuller lost to Steve Widdecomb.

285 pounds — Tyler Stevenson won by forfeit over Camden Hills.

In exhibitions, Roger Flannery pinned Zack Kimble at 3:55; Matt Wheeler was pinned by Peterson at 1:32; and Matt Clark was pinned by Dean at 2:35.

Mount View coach Hamilton Richards said the Mustangs “went out and they wrestled hard. I think the kids took forth a really strong effort. We knew that Camden [Hills] hadn’t sent the heart of their lineup so we had a chance to actually do something today and we took advantage of it and I think the kids really, they stood up, they did what they needed to do; I’m proud of how they wrestled.“

Richards said that even though Mount View did not see the Windjammers’ number one wrestlers, the Mount View athletes “wrestled tough, so I mean we had a lot of good matches, good experience today.” He said it is nice for his squad to have some success against a topnotch program like Camden Hills. It was the first time a Mustang mat team had outscored a Windjammer team in a meet.

“The kids are pumped,” Richards said of the win. “They know we didn’t have the meat of Camden’s lineup, but hey, were not the ones who set Camden’s schedule. The kids are really pleased, they have got a chance to say, ‘Hey, we actually beat Camden in a varsity match,’ which none of their teammates or kids that have gone on before could say … The kids are pumped. This made their day, made my day.”

Windjammer coach Brian Cassidy said he thought the meet was a good chance for the younger kids to get experience, as they won 6-of-8 head-to-head matches, and “they did very well.” He said Camden Hills sent a majority of its varsity wrestlers to a tourney in Marshwood. “The younger kids are starting to put together things [head coach] Levi [Rollins] has been teaching them and its encouraging.”

Cassidy said the younger Windjammers don’t get much of a chance to wrestle varsity teams. Cassidy said the experience now will help Camden Hills later in the season if the team needs wrestlers to fill in.

Mount View is 3-4 on the young campaign and has shown dramatic improvement over recent years. On Dec. 11, the Mustangs beat Oxford Hills of South Paris 66-8 and Nokomis of Newport 72-0 and lost to Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield 46-30 and to Hermon 48-36

At the meet, Fuller, at 215 pounds, improved his season mark to 5-1. “He’s improved considerably since last year and is showing some real tenacity on the mat,” coach Richards said. “His technique is getting better, as well. He’s a lanky 215-class wrestler and that is giving him a definite leverage advantage over shorter wrestlers. Now it’s just a matter of a bit more strength, experience and technique to keep the streak going.”

Mustangs with mat wins that day were Fuller at 215, Flannery at 130, Whitcomb at 135, Tripp at 140, Blanchette at 160, Fowler at 171 and Stevenson at 285.

“While I wanted to come out of the gate a little stronger, we fared O.K.
for a young team against Hermon and MCI,” Richards said. “With Hermon, I think just shuffling my lineup a bit differently would have tied the meet. As it was, they
pulled a crafty change in their lineup that caught me flat-footed and with
the wrong kids against theirs in two weight classes. The other problem was
that Blanchette (160) was dominating his match when he made a mistake and got
pinned with it. That’s wrestling … but as a coach, that means Hermon is
definitely ‘beatable’ for us, if we are on our game.”

Facing MCI also was “somewhat encouraging. Unlike Hermon, where I feel like we
could have/should have beaten them right out of the box, MCI was not a team
I think we could have beaten that day; we just didn’t stack up all that well
against them, no matter how I could have shuffled the deck … Today, our kids are still trying to learn and get comfortable at the high school level. In a month, MCI’s edge over us in some weight classes should lessen and put them within the realm of ‘beatable on a good day’ team-wise.”

On Dec. 15, Cony of Augusta defeated Mount View 69-12 and Erskine Academy of South China downed the Mustangs 75-6.

Fuller and Marissa Cox (forfeit) both recorded wins over Cony, while Fuller also won over Erskine Academy.

“Both Erskine [Academy] and Cony really overwhelmed us,” Richards said. “Definitely more depth and experience across the board than we have. Unless something really changes, they’re a few notches beyond what we can handle this year. Later in the year
I think we could pick up one to four weight classes on them, especially if I can get
Mark Dolloff back at 130-135, but we certainly aren’t going to come back and
hammer them. At least not this year, anyway.

“Based on what I am seeing, Tripp, Blanchette, Stevenson and Whitcomb are
showing some good scrap in their matches — we just need to fine tune them on
the basics right now. Otherwise, Flannery is really impressing me as a first-year wrestler. Yeah, he’s taking a bit of a beating here and there but the kid is aggressive and doesn’t lose without putting everything he’s got into the match. Once he learns the moves and gets comfortable out there, he’s going to be a handful.”

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