Many middle school hoop squads were on the hardwood Monday afternoon as teams from throughout the area played some of their final games of the year.

The Busline League boys and girls large school seasons wrapped play for 2010 Dec. 21 and will resume after the holiday break.

Coaches can report results to VillageSoup by calling 594-4401 or by e-mailing The following is a recap of recently reported results:

Boys basketball

At Wiscasset Monday, the Medomak Middle School eighth-graders dropped a 58-38 decision to the host Warriors. Wiscasset led 16-6, 26-16 and 44-20 at the quarter breaks.

Noah Beck led MMS with 10 points, while Sam Morrill added seven; Micah Williamson, six; Hunter Wincapaw, five; Glenn Weeks and Jamie Temple, both three; and Zach Ripley and Robbie Flint, both two.

For Wiscasset, Travis Padilla netted 18 points, while Dylan McMahon added 12; James Chamberlain, Matt Craig and Darren Wood, all six; and J.D. Sousa, Jacob Allen, Mike Stewart and Ridge Barnes, all two.

Also at Wiscasset Monday, the Medomak Middle School seventh-graders defeated host Wiscasset 43-19. The Riverhawks led 13-2, 26-5 and 34-14 at the quarter breaks.

Zach Starr keyed MMS with eight points, while Jackson Vail and Gavin Black each added seven; Nick DePatsy, six; Sheldon Laveway, four; Owen Gilbert and Ollie Brown, both three; and Tucker Prescott, two.

For Wiscasset, Cody Roberts led the way with five points, while Grant Hefler and Ethan James each netted four; Mike Stewart, three; and Kiernan Hubbin, Chase Reed and Remy Segovia, all one.

At Camden Monday, the Troy Howard Middle School seventh-graders defeated Camden-Rockport Middle School 68-36. The Lions led 18-8, 33-17 and 55-26 at the quarter breaks.

For the Schooners, Nick Rozsahe and Gavin Boyd each scored eight points, while Jack Gallagher added five; Taylor Crosby and Declan Carlson, both four; Field Leonard, three; and Dalton Oakes and Nick Denny, both two.

The names of the scorers for Troy Howard Middle School were not available.

Also at Camden Monday, the Camden-Rockport Middle School eighth-grade squad defeated Troy Howard Middle School 58-41. The Schooners led 13-3, 33-17 and 45-31 at the quarter breaks.

Drew Holt and Andrew Hall each scored 14 points to lead CRMS, while Ryan Pierce added eight; Demitri Kestenbaum, six; Daulton Wickenden, four; Adan Brehney, three; Chris Weiss, Matt Crockett and Bryan Clement, all two; and Isaac Salas and Justin Lopez, both one.

Levi Lapham netted 14 points to lead Troy Howard, while Xavier Roman added nine; Nick Stimpson, Adam Littlefield and Austin Sprague, all four; and Owen Falvey, two.

Girls basketball

At Searsport Tuesday, the Troy Howard Middle School seventh-graders beat Searsport 35-2. Mariah Sturgis keyed the 8-1 Lions with 10 points and rebounds, while Anna Simmons had seven points and three rebounds, Alexis Racioppi six points, three rebounds and four steals, Hannah Nichols six points and four steals, Breann Cummings four points and six rebounds and Kelci Faulkingham two points.

For Searsport, Sadie Nickerson netted two points.

At Rockland Monday, the unbeaten Rockland District Middle School seventh-graders posted a 42-16 win over visiting Boothbay. The Eagles led 11-6, 24-8 and 33-14 at the quarter breaks.

Brianna Dugan netted 19 points to lead RDMS, while Becca Boggs and Ari Curtis each added five; Abby LaCasse, four; Megham McGonagle, three; Lily Butler, Syd Gustafson and Mariah Harris, all two; and Cassic Curtis, one. The Eagles also shot 10-of-13 (77 percent) from the foul line.

The names of scorers for Boothbay were not available.

Also at Rockland Monday, the Rockland District Middle School eighth-graders defeated Boothbay 41-27. The Eagles. Led 11-5, 23-10 and 33-11 at the quarter breaks.

Emily Gould led RDMS with 18 poins, while Payton Billingsley added 10; Ashley Gardner, six; Jackie Thorbjornson, five; and Janelle Fowlie, two.

M. Crocker led Boothbay with 19 points, while H. Marley added four and S. Durgan and N. Rice each scored two.

At Waldoboro Monday, the Medomak Middle School seventh-graders defeated visiting Wiscasset 30-16. The Riverhawks led 7-2, 18-4 and 26-12 at the quarter breaks.

Ariel Haskins led MMS with 12 points, while Brianna Luce, Paige Mason and Emylee Leary each added four; Miranda Belcher and Madison Brown, both two; and Krista Hooper, one.

For Wiscasset, Gabby Chapman and Chelsea Dorr each scored six points, while Olly Martin and Alison Wherly each added two.

Also at Waldoboro Monday, the Medomak Middle School eighth-graders defeated Wiscasset 33-7. The Riverhawks led 8-1, 17-5 and 27-7 at the quarter breaks.

For the winners, Hannah Marks and Lexi Genthner each netted 10 points, while Hannah Heald added seven; Maggie Cox, four; and Justice Barrows, two.

Kayla Gordon netted four points for Wiscasset, while Colleen Hendricks added two and Hannah Meise one.

At Belfast Monday, the Camden-Rockport Middle School eighth-graders defeated host Troy Howard Middle School 36-9. The Schooners led 13-3, 18-3 and 24-7 at the quarter breaks.

Macy Buck led C-RMS with 13 points, while Eliza Boetsch and Carly Gilbert each added six; Hannah Wincklhofer, three; and Kaia Allwine, Allie Potter, Katie McMorrow and Willow Parker, all two.

Brittney Littlefield scored four points to pace the Lions, while Kaleigh Beaucage and Catherine McGinn each scored two and Madison Littlefield one.

THMS shot 5-of-8 (63 percent) from the foul line and Camden-Rockport 8-of-17 (47 percent).

The same day in the seventh-grade game, Troy Howard won 37-26 over the Schooners, as Mariah Sturgis (15 points, 4 rebounds, 6 steals), Brean Cummings (12 points), Kelci Faulkingham (5 points, 3 steals), Alexis Racioppi (2 points, 3 rebounds, 4 steals) and Lydia Violette (2 points) paced the Lions.

For CRMS, Abby Shields netted 10 points; Madelyn Bowman, six; Faith McQuarters, four; Audrey Lane, Kayloni Hall and Lydia Hill, all two.

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