Both the Belfast and Mount View wrestling teams have plenty of youth and inexperience, but the thing the Lions do consistently year to year is find a way to meld those youngsters into a solid program that looks to make annual noise in postseason meets.

On the other hand, the Mustangs continue to slowly but surely build a mat program that will be able, in the future, to consistently be competitive with most opponents.

With that stated, the Lions were back to their old tricks when they hosted Waldo County neighbor Mount View of Thorndike and Brewer for a regular-season tri-meet Wednesday night in the school’s mini gym.

When the dust settled, Belfast (7-0) had pinned down two more victories, including a 66-18 win over Mount View (3-6) and a 62-18 decision over Brewer. The Witches also beat Mount View 66-12.

The individual results were:

103 pounds — Evan Drinkwater, Bel, won by forfeit over Mount View; and pinned Greg Charmlambous, Brew, at 0:48. Mount View forfeited to Charmlambous, Brew.

112 pounds — Walker Roberts, Bel, won by forfeit over Mount View; beat Alex Charmlambous, Brew, 14-2. Mount View had a double forfeit with Brewer.

119 pounds — Jordan Young, Bel, pinned Tim Abbott, MtV, at 4:16; and won by forfeit over Brewer. Abbott, MtV, was pinned by A. Charmlambous.

125 pounds — Brent Waterman, Bel, pinned Marissa Cox, MtV, at 1:30; and won by forfeit over Brewer. Tremmill Groene, Bel, won by forfeit over Brewer. Cox, MtV, won by forfeit over Brewer.

130 pounds — Groene, Bel, was pinned by Roger Flannery, MtV, at 3:36. Waterman, Bel, pinned Anthony Sprigg, Brew, at 3:30. Flannery, MtV, was pinned by Sprigg, Brew. The match between Flannery and Groene was the best of the night with the grapplers tied 10-10 before Flannery recorded a pin. “It was a hard-fought, seesaw match that could have gone either way, but Roger really went after him with a lot of heart and pulled off the win,” said Mount View coach Hamilton Richards.

135 pounds — Chapin Lamont, Bel, pinned Mark Dolloff, MtV, at 1:49; and was pinned by Robbie Kiah, Brew, at 3:36. Dolloff, MtV, was pinned by Kiah, Brew.

140 pounds — Belfast forfeited to Derek Tripp, MtV; and forfeited to Qasey Perry, Brew. Tripp, MtV, was pinned by Perry, Brew.

145 pounds — Daniel Weiss, Bel, pinned Ted Lawrence, MtV, at 0:49; and pinned Dylan Smith, Brew, at 0:35. Lawrence, MtV, was pinned by Smith, Brew.

152 pounds — Justin Philbrook, Bel, pinned Joel Poulin, MtV, at 1:02; and pinned Dakota Bartlett, Brew, at 0:31. Mount View forfeited to Bartlett, Brew.

160 pounds — Ethan Fitzjurls, Bel, won by forfeit over Mount View and Brewer. Poulin, MtV, won by forfeit over Brewer.

171 pounds — Kornealius Wood, Bel, pinned Jake Blanchette, MtV, at 0:41; and beat Cody Noyes, Brew, 13-1. Blanchette, MtV, was pinned by Noyes, Brew.

189 pounds — Peter Kelley, Bel, pinned Jordan Fowler, MtV, at 0:50; and pinned Shane McLaughlin, Brew, at 0:41. Fowler, MtV, was pinned by McLaughlin, Brew.

215 pounds — Tyson Marr, Bel, beat Devan Fuller, MtV; and pinned Kevin Castonguay, Brew, at 2:20. Fuller, MtV, was pinned by Castonguay, Brew.

285 pounds — Belfast forfeited to Tyler Stevenson, MtV; and forfeited to Marcus Eaton, Brew. Stevenson, MtV, was pinned by Eaton, Brew.

In exhibitions, Marr, Bel, pinned Victor Irwin, Brew, at 5:28; Kaleb Cook, Bel, beat Poulin, MtV; a Belfast wrestler was pinned by Stevenson, MtV; Lamont pinned Dustin Whitcomb, MtV; and Fuller, MtV, was pinned by Irwin, Brew.

Coach Richards said the Mustangs had a tough night on the mat, with only one actual win and four forfeit victories.

“Overall, I was not real happy with how things played out — team wise,” the Mustang leader said. “Against Belfast I knew we were in for a pounding, but figured we might pick up a few mat wins. We got one … which is certainly better than none. With Brewer, I thought we would give them a real run. We knew Brewer’s game plan too: throw a lot of head-and-arm throws and hope for the best.”

Richards said his wrestlers had trouble countering the Witches’ strategy even after working on a defense for it. “So the kids have seen it, done it, experienced being on the receiving end of it and been countering it in practice for weeks now. Yet, in this match almost all of Brewer’s pins against us came by virtue of a head-and-arm. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

The coach said it is back to work for his squad. “We’ll keep grinding away in the weight room and working the counters and takedowns. It’s bound to pay off at some point.”

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