A 35-year-old man who held a librarian and inmate hostage for seven hours more than two years ago will likely be spending the rest of his life behind bars.

Justice Jeffrey Hjelm sentenced Michael Chasse Tuesday, Dec. 28, in Knox County Superior Court to 40 years in prison for a crime spree that occurred over seven hours on June 30, 2008 at the Maine State Prison in Warren.

The 40 years will not begin being served until he completes about 18 years for earlier state convictions and then after eight more years of a federal sentence. Chasse would be nearing 100 years old when his sentences are completed.

Hjelm cited the severity of the crimes on 2008 and Chasse’s extensive criminal record for the 40 years.

Chasse was convicted in August after a jury trial of 11 counts that included kidnapping, aggravated assault, and criminal threatening.

The judge said it was “unspeakably cruel” that while holding the prison librarian hostage Chasse threatened 50 times to stab her in the eye. And the inmate that Chasse also held hostage suffered a serious cut to cheek that has left him with a permanent six-inch long scar.

“The manner in which you cut him and then refused to allow him medical treatment was absolutely cold-blooded,” the judge said.

Justice Hjelm also noted that the offenses went beyond those two individuals.

“You held the entire prison at bay during those seven hours,” the judge said.

Chasse represented himself during the hearing, having dismissed his attorney at the start of the hearing, claiming he had not done an adequate job. Chasse handled his defense during the trial but had asked for an attorney to help with the sentencing phase of the case.

Chasse had asked the judge to give him no more than 10 to 15 years additional time in prison, saying to do anything more would be a life sentence. Chasse said he has been in the corrections system since a teenager when he suffered from substance abuse.

He said he wanted an opportunity to enjoy freedom before he died. He said he learned a lot in the past two years about his feelings and would not again commit such offenses.

Chasse was armed with a homemade knife and a razor when he took the librarian hostage and then took another inmate hostage, who went into the library area.

At the trial, Chasse maintained that he was involuntarily intoxicated from LSD that was on a letter mailed to him.

There was increased security in and outside the courtroom during Tuesday’s sentencing hearing.

Chasse is serving a 12-year sentence for a robbery in Piscataquis County. In addition, he has multiple pending sentences to serve, including additional convictions of robbery, burglaries, escape, assaults on officers, criminal threatening and trafficking in prison contraband.

Hjelm said he would rule later on a request by Chasse that he not be sent to an out-of-state prison. Chasse maintained that would make it more difficult to handle his appeal of his convictions.

Assistant Attorney General Diane Sleek represented the state’s Corrections Department and argued against restricting the prison on where it sends inmates.

District Attorney Geoffrey Rushlau prosecuted the case.