The 2010 Noble Invitational wrestling tournament has been seen as one of the most prestigious high school events in the state in recent years, bringing some of the top schools from throughout Maine and beyond to display their talents on the mats.

And while the Knights defended their home gymnasium and emerged victorious from the more than 40 participating teams, Midcoast squads from Camden Hills and Belfast proved to be not only among the top programs in the state, but perhaps in the entire New England region with their respective performances.

The Knights took home first-place honors with a team score of 244, while local rival Massabesic of Waterboro finished second with 211.5 The Belfast Lions were third at 189 and the Camden Hills Windjammers fourth, scoring 169.5 over the course of the two-day tournament, held Dec. 28-29.

Noble, Massabesic, Belfast, Camden Hills, Mountain Valley of Rumford, Marshwood of Eliot, Lisbon of Lisbon Falls, Oak Hill of Sabattus, Mount Blue of Farmington, Mount Ararat, Kennebunk, Cony, Gardiner, Brewer, Bonny Eagle of Standish, Windham, Sanford, Morse of Bath, Oxford Hills of South Paris, Edward Little of Auburn, Scarborough, Calais, Brunswick, Greely of Cumberland, Traip Academy of Kittery, Hall-Dale of Farmingdale, Bangor, Washington Academy of East Machias, Gray, Gorham and Cheverus of Portland were among the in-state schools to participate in the tournament, while squads from Colchester, Exeter, White Mountains, Spaulding, Oyster River and St. Thomas Aquinas were among the out-of-state schools to take part.

Belfast and Camden Hills grapplers had their share of individual successes as well, with Windjammer Jacob Powers and Lion Jordan Young taking first place in their respective weight classes. The two local teams also combined for 13 top-six finishes.

Team scores were: 1, Noble, 244; 2, Massabesic, 211.5; 3, Belfast, 189; 4, Camden Hills, 169.5; 5, Mountain Valley, 154.5; 6, Marshwood, 132.5; 7, Colchester, 122.5; 8, Lisbon, 119; 9, Mount Blue, 102; 10, Oak Hill, 89; 11, Cony, 83; 12, Mount Ararat, 82; 13, Brewer, 73.5; 14, Gardiner, 68; 15, Kennebunk, 67.5; 16, Exeter, 56; 17, Bonny Eagle, 55.5; 18, Windham, 48; 19, Sanford, 42; 20, White Mountains, 37; 21, Morse, 36; 22, Noble “B”, 35; 23, Scarborough, 34; 24, Brunswick, 30; 25, Spaulding, 29; 26, Oyster River, 28; 27, Oxford Hills, 27; 28, Edward Little, 24; 29, Washington Academy, 22; 30, Calais, 20; 31, (tie) St. Thomas Aquinas and Noble “C”, 16; 33, Marshwood “B”, 14; 34, Greely, 10.5; 35, (tie) Bangor and Traip Academy, 9; 37, Massabesic “B”, 8; 38, Hall-Dale, 7; 39, Gray, 3; 40, (tie) Gorham, Cheverus, Spaulding “B” and Spaulding “C”, no points.

The following is a recap of results from Belfast and Camden Hills grapplers:

103 pounds — Evan Drinkwater, Bel, received a bye; pinned Sam Wardwell, Scar, at 0:40; defeated Nicholas McNamara, Lis, 6-5; pinned Connor Winchenbach, CH, at 3:41; and was pinned by Tyler Everett, Mas, at 0:49. Drinkwater finished second.

Winchenbach, CH, received a bye; pinned Jake Charest, Cony, at 3:22; pinned Nick Staples, Mas, at 2:54; was pinned by Drinkwater, Bel, at 3:41; pinned Nicole Burgess, MV, at 3:30; and lost to Nicolas McNamara, Lis, 4-1. Winchenbach finished fourth.

112 pounds — Walker Roberts, Bel, received a bye; defeated Alex Charalambow, Bre, 14-4; was pinned by Billy Gagner, Nob, at 3:25; pinned Cory Crolwell, Exe, at 3:10; defeated Rob Hamblet, STA, 12-7; pinned Dylan Harrington, Mor, at 5:51; and lost to Billy Gagner, Nob, 8-5. Roberts finished fourth.

119 pounds — Jordan Young, Bel, received a bye; beat Albert Publicover, Sca, by forfeit; defeated Nick Hyde, MtB, 15-2; pinned Carleton Kleinsch, WM, at 1:04; and defeated Ryan Murgess, MV, 8-5. Young finished first.

Calan Bragg, CH, received a bye; pinned Amber Libby, Mas, at 1:03; lost to Forrest Cornell, Lis, 10-1; pinned Felipe Gunter, MtA, at 2:09; and lost to Kleinsch, WM, 11-3.

125 pounds — Brent Waterman, Bel, received a bye; pinned Josh Teixeira, Exe, at 1:13; pinned Anthony Sprigg, Bre, at 4:57; lost by technical fall to Jack Rasque, Marsh, 17-2; pinned Troy Stringer, Nob, at 1:12; and defeated Nick Eddy, Col, 7-0. Waterman finished third.

130 pounds — Anthony Spaulding, Bel, received a bye; pinned Jay Carmody, STA, at 4:39; was pinned by Jared Jensen, Bru, at 1:32; and was pinned by Connor Dufour, Cony, at 5:05.

Tom Cassidy, CH, received a bye; pinned Shane Shibles, Nob, at 5:12; lost to Peter LePage, Mas, 5-2; beat Dufour, Cony, 5-2; defeated Matt Doe, Ken, 5-2; and lost to LePage, Mas, 8-0. Cassidy finished fourth.

135 pounds — Max Bragg, CH, received a bye; defeated Caleb Jones, Mar, 6-2; fell to Scott Carpenter, Cal, 5-1; pinned Jesse McNally, Nob, at 4:02; pinned Jake Dexter, San, at 2:21; and fell to Dan Delgallo, Gar, 2-0. Bragg finished fifth.

Chapin Lamont, Bel, received a bye. Belfast lost by forfeit to Joe Provencher, MV, and lost by forfeit to Mason Lynch, Mar.

140 pounds — Brandon Rich, CH, received a bye; pinned Devin Coleman, Nob, at 0:52; fell to Will Lundquist, Cony, 12-4; pinned David Burke, Exe, at 1:15; won by injury default over Qasey Perry, Bre; and lost to Tyler Beaudette, Nob, 3-2. Rich finished fourth.

145 pounds — Isaac Young, CH, pinned Donnie Vannah, OH, at 3:02; defeated Juan Alvarez, Nob, 22-4; fell to Ben Valencia, Nob, 14-6; and fell to Ross Danner, Exe, 6-3.

Daniel Weiss, Bel, pinned Nick Hilkey, MtB, at 4:24; defeated Ross Danner, Exe, 9-3; was pinned by Chris Lash, Col, at 1:42; and fell to Danner, Exe, 6-3.

152 pounds — Justin Philbrook, Bel, pinned Ben Ramsey, Exe, at 0:57; lost by major decision to Jordan Brown, Gar, 12-4; pinned Alan Clement, Spauld, at 1;35; pinned Ben Milo, San, at 0:59; pinned Ryan Cook, BE, at 3:43; defeated Chris Ingram, MtB, 2-0; and fell to Malcolm Marshall, MtA by injury default. Philbrook finished sixth.

Neal Harrison, CH, received a bye; lost to Chris Ingram, MtB, 8-0; and fell to Ben Ramsey, Exe, 9-7.

160 pounds — Jacob Powers, CH, received a bye; pinned Patrick Farrell, OH, at 1:06; pinned Colby Adams, Mas, at 3:20; pinned Ian Weigle, Ken, at 5:14; and defeated Taylor Carey, MV, 6-0. Powers finished first.

Ethan Fitzjurls, Bel, won forfeit over Sean Adams, Mas; pinned Zack Faulkner, MtB, at 1:15; was pinned by Taylor Carey, MV, at 2:34; and was pinned by Brian Bentley, Nob, at 3:45.

171 pounds — Anthony Batty, CH, received a bye; pinned Carson Cape, WM, at 1:32; fell to Nate Peterson, Exe, 17-6; and was pinned by Norton Revell, Cony, at 1:28.

Kornealius Wood, Bel, received a bye; pinned Joe Emerson, Mar, at 1:17; defeated Jon Badger, Nob, 3-2; pinned Evan Facko, Ken, at 1:16; and lost to Andrew Tripp, Mas, 4-2. Wood finished second.

189 pounds — Peter Kelley, Bel, pinned Jake Barrisano, Mar, at 3:13; pinned David Norton, Mas, at 2:30; pinned John LaMarca, Traip, at 1:56; was pinned by Pat Pearson, Win, at 3:48; and pinned Brandon Graffam, CH, at 0:39. Kelley finished fifth.

Graffam, CH, pinned Jeremiah Muller, Spaulding, at 2:51; pinned Shane McEllhatten, Ken, at 2:26; defeated Kelley, Bel, 9-8; was pinned by Mike Hamm, OH, at 4:22; pinned Jake Guimond, Nob, at 2:13; and was pinned by Kelley, Bel, at 0:39. Graffam finished sixth.

215 pounds — Tyson Marr, Bel, pinned Kyle O’Bannon, Exe, at 0:23; was pinned by Nick Wells, OH, 0:15; and was pinned by Tyler Salley, Gar, at 2:52.

Ryan Graffam, CH, pinned Sean Copp. Nob, at 0:35; was pinned by Zachary Ragot, WA, at 1:33; and was pinned by Victor Irwin, Ban, at 2:24.

285 pounds — Rhett Chase, CH, received a bye; pinned Nate Gamache, Lis, at 0:25; defeated Matt Bruelle, Nob, 17-9; was pinned by Eric Decker, Col, at 0:56; defeated Dylan Zenga, Nob, 4-3; and pinned Marcus Eaton, Bre, at 3:24. Chase finished third.

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