Surveillance tape footage from a local business is what police say helped them identify a woman who allegedly pilfered a bottle of whiskey and a pack of cigarettes.

Belfast Police Chief Jeff Trafton said 48-year-old Lisa L. Paige was charged with theft after a Tuesday, Dec. 28 incident that reportedly took place at Belfast Variety Route 52. Paige, who lists a Bangor address on her theft summons, has been staying in the Belfast area.

Trafton said police received a call from the owner of the Route 52 business, who reported that a woman who had left the store appeared to be concealing items in her clothing.

The businessman offered police access to the store’s surveillance tapes, Trafton said, which produced a still image of the woman as she was leaving the store.

Trafton said once the photograph was circulated around the police station, one of the officers immediately recognized the woman as Paige.

Police officers went to the home where Paige was staying, at which time Paige reportedly admitted to taking the bottle of whiskey and returned it to the officer. The stolen cigarettes, however, remained in Paige’s custody.

“She was smoking the cigarettes,” Trafton said.

Paige is scheduled to appear at Fifth District Court in Belfast Tuesday, March 22.