The former Stinson Seafood property in Belfast could be sold in the very near future, according to city officials, though the identity of any prospective buyers or future uses have yet to be made public.

“We have had serious interest in the Stinson property for well over six months with real would-be buyers stepping forward,” said City Manager Joe Slocum, adding that more than one party has expressed serious interest.

“We’re still talking with them,” he said. “But we’ve refrained from making comment on it as we do with certain economic development issues.”

If the property were sold, it would put an end to the city’s drawn out attempts to get the current owner to clean up the property, a year-long process that led the city to file a pair of lawsuits late last year.

To date, only one of the lawsuits, which would require the demolition of the derelict structure at the north end of the property, referred to as Building 1 — has been before a judge. The case received a partial hearing in September and remains unresolved.

A second lawsuit, aimed at clarifying the rezoning contract between the developer and the city, was filed with Superior Court and has yet to come before a judge.

But according to Slocum, a sale in the interim could indirectly resolve both court cases.

“There’s a window period here where [the litigation] can all be either settled or it’s all going forward,” he said. “It’s a short window. I don’t know how short it is.”

Slocum said the city would hold the new owner to the same code enforcement standards that landed the current owner in court, meaning any new owner would be expected to tear down the skeletal structure at the north end of the property known as Building 1.

Slocum declined to comment further about the prospective buyers or their plans for the property.

“I’m hoping to see shortly some agreement signed,” he said. “But until then, I don’t want to comment on who, or what might happen.”