If a high school wrestling team wants to gauge where it stands among the elite programs in Maine and beyond, all it needs to do is battle topnotch opponents in the annual talent-laden Redskin Invitational in Sanford.

It is at that two-day tournament where both teams and individuals discover where they are in terms of preparation leading into the final meets of the regular season and into the postseason.

If that is true, Camden Hills and Belfast reaffirmed they should, as usual, be in the mix for league, regional and state titles in the coming weeks.

That is because Camden Hills finished third and Belfast sixth — the first and third Maine teams — in the Redskin tourney, held Friday and Saturday.

One of the highlights for the Windjammers was that senior sensation Jacob Powers was named the outstanding wrestler of the meet. He won the 160-pound weight class.

Powers and Rhett Chase (215) came home with titles, while Belfast’s Evan Drinkwater (103) and Kornealius Wood (171) earned runner-up status.

Belfast’s Brent Waterman (125) and Ethan Fitzjurls (152) and Camden Hills’ Brandon Rich (145) all finished third in their weight divisions, while Camden Hills’ Tom Cassidy (130), Max Bragg (135) and Brandon Graffam (189) were fourth.

Placing fifth were Belfast’s Jordan Young (119) and finishing sixth were Belfast’s Walker Roberts (112) and Peter Kelley (189), as well as Camden Hills’ Anthony Batty (171).

The team scores were: Timberlane, N.H. 282, Danbury, Conn. 204, Cumberland, R.I. 200, Camden Hills “A” 152, Massabesic of Waterboro 149, Belfast “A” 119, Tyngsboro, Mass., 100, Mountain Valley of Rumford 92, Lisbon of Lisbon Falls 80.5, Marshwood “A” of Eliot 72.5, North Providence, R.I. 59.5, Bonny Eagle of Standish 50, Sanford “A” 42, York 32, Scarborough 27, Oyster River of Durham, N.H. 25, Portland 13, Sanford “B” 6, Camden Hills “B” 6, Belfast “B” 6, Biddeford 4, Marshwood “B” 4, Cheverus of Portland 3.5 and Cumberland, R.I. “B” 3.

The individual results for Camden Hills and Belfast wrestlers were:

103 pounds — Drinkwater, Bel, pinned Elliot Allen, Marsh, at 0:40; pinned Cody Beaudette, Cumb, at 5:39; pinned Kevin Jack, Dan, at 1:50; and lost by technical fall to Jake Kappler, Timb, 17-0. Drinkwater finished second.

Connor Winchenbach, CH, pinned Alex Roy, Tyngs, at 2:37; lost to Tyler Everett, Mass, 5-4; won by forfeit over Elliot Allen, Marsh; and lost by major decision to Nick McNamara, Lis, 13-3.

112 pounds — Roberts, Bel, beat Kidayer Aljubyly, Port, 8-5; beat Kris Nordby, Cumb, 6-4; was pinned by Zach Bridson, Timb, at 0:35; lost to Liam Howland, North Providence, 2-1 in double-overtime; and lost to Jake Thornton, MountVal, 5-4. Roberts finished sixth.

Alec Young, Bel, was pinned by Bridson, Timb, at 0:58; and was pinned by John Gillar, BE, at 0:43.

119 pounds — J. Young, Bel, pinned Josh Mitchell, York, at 1:06; lost by technical fall to Dylan Bryant, Dan, 16-1; pinned Ryan Contois, Bidd, at 2:20; beat Ryan Burgess, MountVal, 3-2; lost to Jake Rasque, Marsh, 11-4; and won by forfeit over Mike Murphy, North Providence. Young finished fifth.

Calan Bragg, CH, was pinned by Forrest Cornell, Lis, at 5:29; pinned Ashlee Ohman, OOB, at 0:45; and lost by major decision to Burgess, MountVal, 12-4.

125 pounds — Waterman, Bel, pinned Mikayla Simpson, San, at 1:03; pinned Andy Herdan, San, at 2:44; lost to Ethan Gilman, Mass, 5-4; won by major decision over Luke Chavez, Dan, 9-0; and beat Kyle Mains, BE, 4-0. Waterman finished third.

Curtis Warren, Bel, was pinned by Chavez, Dan, at 0;34; pinned Tyler Bard, Lis, at 4:58; and was pinned by Herdan, San, at 2:42.

130 pounds — Cassidy, CH, pinned Anthony Salisbury, Bel, at 3:16; lost to Peter Lepage, Mass, 1-0; pinned Terrace O’Brien, Marsh, at 1:40; beat Jared Petruzzella, York, 9-3; beat Josh Pomerleau, Lis, 1-0; and lost to Lepage, Mass, 4-3. Cassidy finished fourth.

Derek Philbrook, Bel, pinned Matt Hatch, San, at 5:19; was pinned Josh Burnham, Timb, at 1:44; beat Lenny Schwartz, Port, 9-8; and was pinned by Trevor Smith, Marsh, at 4:26.

Salisbury, Bel, was pinned by Cassidy, CH, at 3:16; pinned Shane Cote, TA, at 1:37; and was pinned by Smith, Marsh, at 0:57.

135 pounds — Bragg, CH, pinned Nate Mercier, Mass, at 3:06; beat Jon Maccini, Cumb, 8-7; lost to Mike McNamara, Lis, 4-0; beat Al Golner, Tyngs, 2-1; and lost to Maccini, Cumb, 2-0. Bragg finished fourth.

Chapin Lamont, Bel, was pinned by McNamara, Lis, at 1:04; and was pinned by Connor Briggs, Timb, at 0:23.

140 pounds — Isaac Young, CH, lost to Jose Noyola, San, 8-3; received a second-round bye; and lost to Fred Huber, Port, 10-9.

145 pounds — Rich, CH, pinned Chris Benson, TA, at 0:39; pinned Josh Lestage, Mass, at 3:50; was pinned by Andrew Tanner, Timb, at 0:44; pinned Kyle Westerfield, Dan, at 1:24; and beat Nate Balakin, Tyngs, 4-1. Rich finished third.

152 pounds — Fitzjurls, Bel, beat Zach Green, Lis, 10-3; was pinned by Chris Smith, Cumb, at 1:54; won by forfeit (Mountain Valley and Sanford had a double forfeit earlier in the bracket); won by major decision over Neal Harrison, CH, 8-0; pinned Tyler Paolini, Timb, at 4:13; and beat Smith, Cumb, 5-3 in overtime. Fitzjurls finished third.

Harrison, CH, won by major decision over Curtis Johnson, Mass, 12-0; lost by major decision to Ryan Cook, BE, 12-0; won by major decision over Jake MaComber, North Providence, 10-2; and lost by major decision over Fitzjurls, Bel, 8-0.

160 pounds — Powers, CH, pinned Caleb Cook, Bel, at 1:31; pinned Brian Profit, Scar, at 1:18; pinned Triston Jakobson, Dan, at 5;45; and beat Nate Lawrence, Timb, 4-3 in triple-overtime. Powers finished first.

Mike Haskell, CH, was pinned by Jakobscon, Dan, at 1:23; won by forfeit over Forrest Boynton, Bel; and was pinned by Troy Severance, BE, at 0:42.

Boynton, Bel, lost by major decision to Richard Whitman, Cumb, 10-0; and lost by forfeit to Haskell, CH.

Cook, Bel, was pinned by Powers, CH, at 1:31; and was pinned by Malcolm Henry, Port, at 1:47.

171 pounds — Wood, Bel, won by major decision over Robert Martin, BE, 14-0; beat Jeff Storry, Tyngs, 4-1; pinned Andrew Tripp, Mass, at 5:48; and lost to Nick Lawrence, Timb, 10-4. Wood finished second.

Batty, CH, pinned Brad Stephens, York, at 4:48; was pinned by Tripp, Mass, at 2:43; pinned Brandon Ferreri, Cumb, at 2:56; pinned Storry, Tyngs, at 2:19; was pinned by Taylor Carey, MountVal, at 2:49; and lost to Tyler Hancock, Dan, 7-3. Batty finished sixth.

189 pounds — Graffam, CH, pinned Jake Barrisano, Marsh, at 5:13; was pinned by Josh Allen, MountVal, at 5:15; pinned Steve Widdecomb, CH, at 3:51; pinned Nick Bagley, San, at 2:02; beat Kelley, Bel, 8-5; and lost to Will Jack, Dan, 8-7. Graffam finished fourth.

Kelley, Bel, pinned Nate Smith, San, at 1:04; won by major decision over Jack, Dan, 12-3; was pinned by Shane Tremblay, Timb, at 4:30; lost to Graffam, CH, 8-5; and was pinned by Allen, MountVal, at 4:15. Kelley finished sixth.

Widdecomb, CH, was pinned by Jack, Dan, at 2:18; won by forfeit over Smith, San; and was pinned by Graffam, CH, at 3:51.

215 pounds — Chase, CH, pinned Nate Taff, Marsh, at 1:33; beat Eddie Garcia, Dan, 9-6; pinned Jon Silva, Timb, at 2:32; and pinned Mike Cyr, Scar, at 3:34. Chase finished first.

Tyson Marr, Bel, was pinned by Andre Lusier, Cumb, at 1:11; received a second-round bye; and was pinned by Steve Jacobs, Tyngs, at 2:11.

285 pounds — Jacob Halberg, CH, was pinned by Alex Hanna, San, at 5:17; received a second-round bye; and was pinned by Jevon Pegues, Dan, at 2:07.

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