Every year, we are fortunate to have people from around Waldo County — and beyond — send us letters to the editor, expressing their opinion on a wide range of issues. Sometimes the letters relate to something that appeared in our paper or on our website: a writer may disagree with an editorial that we have written, or write to thank us for shedding some light on a particular subject through one of our articles.

Sometimes the letters are about state or national issues, and sometimes people want to thank those in the community for helping them or an organization they belong to. Other times, someone will write to respond to another letter that has already been published. When election season rolls around, endorsements abound.

Whatever the reason, we are always glad to hear from our readers and our neighbors. It says something when someone takes time to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to share their thoughts with others. It is one way that people can be involved in their community.

This year, some topics that we noticed drew particular attention from letter writers included: feral cats on Islesboro, an editorial cartoon involving the Tea Party, what the role of the band is at Belfast Area High School athletic contests, and the proposed new building for the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office and Emergency Management Agency, just to name a few.

Thank you to all those who wrote to us in 2010, and we look forward to hearing from a wide range of people in 2011. Write to us and let us know what you’re thinking — we want to hear from you!

— The Republican Journal/VillageSoup editorial board



Jan. 6 edition: Alan Wood, Belfast; Ted Heroux, Belfast; Frank Slason, Somerville; Jan Anderson, Belfast; Frederick Eickelberg, Brooks; Laura Richardson, Belfast City Park Playground Steering Committee; Monica Wing, Thorndike; Rusty Brace, United Mid-Coast Charities.

Jan. 13 edition: Bruce Brierley, Paul Pearse and Stacy Benjamin, Searsmont Board of Selectmen; Ando Anderson, Belfast; Sheila Nickerson, Belfast; Anita S. Pease, Liberty; Doris E. Kelly, Waldo County Hospital Aid.

Jan. 20 edition: Barbara Higgins, Unity.

Jan. 27 edition: Chief Jeff Trafton, Belfast Police Department; JodyAnn and Randy McKee, Cushing; David Huck, Swanville; Richard Lenfest, Belmont; David Shippee, St. Augustine Beach, Fla.; Steven Dostie, Maine Federation of Humane Societies; Vyvyenne Ritchie, Healthy Waldo County; Fred Arsenault, Belfast; Christopher Kelley Sr., Kelly Kelley, Christopher Kelley Jr., Kaitlyn Kelley, Chet Hubbard and Patricia Hubbard, Morrill; Emily Bonin, Northport; E. Leslie Merry, Swanville.



Feb. 3 edition: Dave Greeley, Jackson; Karen Caswell and family, Belfast; Stephen Allen, Belfast; Gloria Boynton, Prospect; Nat Crowley Sr., Stockton Springs.

Feb. 10 edition: Deborah Paradis, Belfast; Kathleen Fox, Tenants Harbor; Paul Sheridan, Northport; Karen Estey, Belfast; Dale Cross, Waldo County YMCA; Scott M. Patten, VFW Post 3108 Men’s Auxiliary.

Feb. 17 edition: Karin Spitfire, Belfast; Kristen Burkholder, Belfast; Ivy Lobato, Belfast; Waldo County General Hospital Wellness & Cabaret Committees, Belfast; Robert Tuthill, Brooks; Kimberly Day, Bucksport.

Feb. 24 edition: Marjorie Byers, Belfast; Lila Nation, Swanville; Kate Duncan, Belfast; Dereka Smith, Northport; Michelle Blood, Searsmont.



March 3 edition: Stephen Allen, Belfast; Dan Bennett, Waldo County General Hospital; David Huck, Swan Lake; Harvest Home Grange, Brooks.

March 10 edition: Isabel Morse Maresh, Belmont; Charlene Knox Farris, Searsport; Ron J. Stauble Sr., Unity; Jane Sanford, Belfast; Frances Walker, Freedom.

March 17 edition: Joanne Boynton, Belfast; Jon Cheston, Belfast; Catherine A. Heberer, Belfast; Gerry Atwell, Searsmont; Dick Woehr, Clifton; Catherine M. Miklovich and Joyce C. Scott, Waldo Community Action Partners; Patrick Walsh, Broadreach Family & Community Services.

March 24 edition: Anne Crimaudo, Searsport; Bridget Rose McKeen, Montville; David Estey, Belfast; Jane Sanford, Belfast; Linda Garson Smith, Belfast; Kate Valleau, Liberty.

March 31 edition: Lisa Satchfield, Islesboro; Harold Richardson, Belfast and Strafford, N.H.; Gerry Atwell, Searsmont; Leslie Umans and Fred Eickelberg, Brooks; Audrey M. Deveney, Belfast; Bob Brooks, Montville; Maura Salvatore Harvey, Belfast; Cindy Gallant, Searsport; Cheyenne Cross, Belfast.



April 7 edition: Julie Reidy, Islesboro; Brenda Bonneville, Belfast; Karen Rak, Belfast; Donald Violette, Brooks; Alana Estey Patrick, North Fort Myers, Fla.

April 14 edition: Gina Cressey, Belfast; Stephen Allen, Belfast; Kathleen Morgan, New Hope for Women; David Huck, Swanville; Heather Moore, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Foundation; Elaine Bielenberg, Waterfall Arts; Mike Gallant, Morrill.

April 21 edition: Dr. C. Sue McCullough, University of Maine Hutchinson Center; Hal Halliday, Belfast; Kali Rocheleau, The Game Loft; Paul Sheridan, Northport.

April 28 edition:John Nickerson, Belfast; Leslie Umans, Brooks and Brenda Bonneville, Belfast; Evie Tinker, Belfast; Jane Phillips, Northport; Edward L. Ordway, Northport; Nat Crowley Sr., Stockton Springs; Patrick Walsh, Healthy Waldo County; Island Feral Cat Association, Islesboro; Dale Cross, Waldo County YMCA; Baby Fair Planning Committee, Waldo County General Hospital; Roy Hitchings Jr., Pen Bay Healthcare and Todd Goodwin, Mid-Coast Mental Health Center; Justina DiTaranto, Verona Island.



May 5 edition: Fritz Lyon, Belfast; Donald Violette, Brooks; Waldo County TRIAD and Spectrum Generations.

May 12 edition: Grayson A. Hartley, Islesboro; Sarah James, Belfast; David Huck, Swan Lake.

May 19 edition: Alan Crichton, Waterfall Arts; Hal Halliday, Belfast; Holly Couture, Spectrum Generations; Corliss Davis and Peg Frees, Green Thumb Plant Sale; Beth Anderson and Jim Wescott, Waldo County YMCA Family Triathlon Festival; Charles R. Hamm, Belfast Area High School; Kate Faragher Houghton, Monroe.

May 26 edition: Mike Hurley, Belfast; Patrick Quinn, Winterport.



June 2 edition: Rep. John Piotti, Unity; Virgil Fowles Jr., Brooks; Davis Boardman, Islesboro; Holden Rogers, Islesboro; Joanne Boynton, Belfast; Deann Porter, Palermo; Linda R. Hoeschle, Searsport; Rep. Jayne Crosby Giles, Belfast; David Huck, Swan Lake; The family of Amon Vaughan; Steven Long and Steven Lane, Winterport Water District.

June 9 edition: Dave Hurley, Swanville; Bob Brooks, Montville; Annie Pickford, Freedom; Sally Millhorn, Waldo County General Hospital Aid; Sara Bradford, Stockton Springs; Muriel Scott, Spectrum Generations (Central Maine Area Agency on Aging).

June 16 edition: Richard Lenfest, Belmont; Erin Herbig, Belfast; Kathleen Ludgate, U.S. Census Bureau; Peter Webb, Belfast; Barbara Crowley, Healthy Waldo County.

June 23 edition: Carolyn Otto, Belfast; Deborah Paradis, Belfast; Michael D. Hurley, Belfast; David Huck, Swan Lake; Zoe Geer, Environment Maine; Barbara Crowley, Healthy Waldo County.

June 30 edition: Emily Horton, Washington; Bob MacGregor, Maine Celtic Celebration; Our Town Belfast, Belfast; Syrena Gatewood, Belfast; Golf Fore Kids Tournament Committee, Waldo County YMCA; Nathaniel Crowley Sr., Stockton Springs.



July 7 edition: Nancy Boyington, UMaine Hutchinson Center, Belfast; Valerie N. Murphy and Dr. Karen L.M. Kelley, Searsport Historical Society.

July 14 edition: Ken Theobald, Maine Grilling Woods, Brooks; Stephen Allen, Belfast; Chris Urick, Arts in the Park Committee, Belfast.

July 21 edition: David Huck, Swan Lake; Tracy Fauver, Davis, Calif.; Bob MacGregor, Maine Celtic Celebration; Sandy Point Community Club, Stockton Springs; Gary and Michelle Cross, Montville; Sally Millhorn, Waldo County General Hospital Aid; Elizabeth Smith, Cushing.

July 28 edition: Barbara A. Berry, Belfast; Hope Fox Coates, Searsmont; Linda Hoeschle, Searsport; Nancy Hamilton, Belfast; Stuart Phelps, Belfast; James Horsey, Belfast; James Clayton, Lincolnville; Mary D. Kivel, Brooks; Richard Kivel, Brooks; Andrew Carpenter, Owls Head; Joy Sherman, Bayside; Connie Sarnacki, Belfast; Jean and Alvin Edwards, Union; Shannon Jewell Flood, Searsmont; Eileen Estes, Belfast; BAHS Project Graduation 2011 Committee.



Aug. 4 edition: Susan W. Russell, Unity; David Huck, Swanville; Wayne Leach, Warren; Emily Bonin, BAHS student; Des FitzGerald, Camden.

Aug. 11 edition: Judy Palmer, Thorndike; The trustees of the Sandy Point Community Club, Stockton Springs; Keith G. Tibbetts, counseling education student, Swanville; Wendy Andresen, Camden.

Aug. 18 edition: Mike Silverton, Belfast; Ellie Weaver, RN BSN, Troy Howard Middle School; Virgil Fowles Jr., Crosby High School Reunion Committee Chairman.

Aug. 25 edition: Ted Rakis, owner, Alexia’s Pizza, Belfast; Richard Lenfest, Belmont; David Huck, Swanville; Robert Skoglund, aka, “The Humble Farmer,” St. George; Andrea Walker, Waldo County Healthcare, Inc.



Sept. 1 edition: Janie Smith, treasurer, town of Morrill; Rita Horsey, Belfast; Neva Allen, Belfast; Stephen Allen, Belfast; Charlene Knox Farris, Searsport; Richard Marsden, Poulin-Jones AMVETS Post 6829.

Sept. 8 edition: Lane Fisher, Belfast; Hal Halliday, Belfast; Jayne Crosby Giles, Belfast; Valerie N. Murphy and Dr. Karen L. M. Kelley, Searsport; Marjorie Knuuti, Carver Memorial Library Association Board of Trustees, Searsport; Ray and Patricia Estabrook, The Game Loft, Belfast; Karin Spitfire, Belfast; Luke Harrington, BCOPE, Belfast; Buck O’Herin, Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance; Leon Gallant, Belfast.

Sept. 15 edition: Walter Ash, mayor, city of Belfast; Sharon A. Reed-Hall, Belmont; Pastor Warren Heath, Crossroads to Calvary, Morrill; Belfast Soup Kitchen; Paula Miron and Marsha Shibles, Future MSAD 3; Veronica Magnan, Stockton Springs; Mary Rackmales, Northport; Merleen Palmer, Northport.

Sept. 22 edition: Devon Drake, BAHS student; James G. Williamson, Prospect; Ben Crimaudo, Searsport; John Delehanty, Belfast; Ina Hollins, Northport; Isabel Morse Maresh, Belmont; Judy Rock, Troy; Ron and Janice Clark, Belfast; Cathy Mink, Waldo; Nathaniel Crowley Sr., Stockton Springs.

Sept. 29 edition: Sandy Cameron, BAHS music supporter, Belfast; Roy Horsey, Belfast; Brenda Bonneville, Belfast; Karen Carlson, Troy; John Ford Sr., Brooks; Charlotte Herbold, Belfast; Paul Jacobi, Monroe; Jana McQuilkin, Belfast; Maynard Pelletier, Bangor; Debora Riley, Northport; Shirley Smith, Liberty; Scott Story, Waldo County Sheriff, Monroe; Ruth Swanson, Unity; Christopher Groden, Belfast; David Estey, Belfast; David Huck, Swanville; Pancake 5K & Child Shall Lead Committee; Doug Smith, Belfast Rotary Club.



Oct. 6 edition: Amy Fradel, Belfast; Devon Drake, BAHS student; Barbara A. Berry, Belfast; Sharon and Larry Jones, Belfast; David A. Parkman, Palermo; Wendy Pelletier, Hope; Jerry Savitz, Northport; Bill Sneed, Prospect; H L Whitney, Liberty; Larry Dansinger, Monroe; Suzanne Pelletier, Liberty Library Association; Hal Halliday, Belfast; John Arrison, Belfast.

Oct. 13 edition: Jon Cheston, Belfast; Karen Kelley and Valerie Murphy, Searsport Historical Society; Karen Emery-Estey, Belfast; Tammy Snyder Maseychik, Northport; Willliam Nelson, Belfast; Galen Todd, Coastal Mountains Land Trust, Camden; Larry Ward, Thorndike; Paul Sheridan, Northport; Greg Rossel, Troy; Pam Burrows, Belfast; James A. Roberts, Belfast; Monroe B. “Mike” Hall, Belfast; Jay Davis, East Belfast; Dave Lindahl, Northport; Susan Hall, First Church in Belfast; Sierra Ventura, Belfast; Jon Laitin, Thorndike; William J. Murphy, Belfast; Linda Garson Smith, Drinkwater School teacher, Northport.

Oct. 20 edition: Andrew O’Brien, Lincolnville; Thomas Carter, Montville; Mary Ann Hayes, Thorndike; Rod McElroy, Unity; Jennifer Hill, Hungry Heron Farm, Waldo; Joanne Boynton, Belfast; Buck O’Herin, Montville; Jacqueline McCormick, Troy; Pat Griffith, Belfast; Jill Cote, Belfast; Walter Ash, Belfast; Paula and Sumner Roberts, Meadowsweet Farm, Swanville; Kyle Payson, Belfast; Wick Johnson, Kennebec Technologies, Augusta; David Spencer, Freedom; Alan Wood, Belfast; Bob Meggison, Belfast; Steve Page, Ocean Farm Technologies Inc., Morrill; Nat Crowley Sr., Stockton Springs; Michael Hurley, Belfast; Diana H. Brown, Stockton Springs; Neal Harkness, Belfast; Barbara Adams, Troy; Marina Delune, Belfast; Donna M. Gilbert, Winterport; Todd French, Belfast; Jayne Crosby Giles, Belfast; Linda Buckmaster, Belfast; Tess Woods, Unity; Kathleen Williamson, Prospect; Elizabeth Hand, Lincolnville; Lester B. Davis, Palermo; Michelle Leavitt, Belfast; Ed Berry, Belfast; Gina Cressey, Belfast; Claire Adams, Appleton; Erin Herbig, Belfast; Michael Kosowsky, Lincolnville; Mike Thibodeau, Winterport.

Online-only, political letters: Senator Phil Bartlett, Cumberland; Cindy Gallant, Searsport; Lila Nation, Belfast; Warren Southworth, Searsport; Linda Hoeschle, Searsport; Ray Estabrook, Belfast; Arlene Jurewicz-Leighton, Lincolnville; Jayne Crosby Giles, Belfast; Nancy-Linn Nellis, Stockton Springs; Lewis Baker, Belfast; Patricia Clark, Unity; Susan and Bill Russell, Unity; Ben Hazen, Lincolnville fire chief; Cara McCormick, Belfast; Mike Rauch, Belfast; Faith Campbell, Sandy Point; Catherine A. Heberer, Belfast.

Oct. 27 edition: Rep. John Piotti, Unity; Joan Sheldon, Knox; Russ Taylor, Frankfort; Isabel Morse Maresh, Belmont; Mariah Williams, Liberty; Larry Dansinger, Monroe; Devon Drake, BAHS student; Ralph Harvey, Searsport.



Nov. 3 edition: Jennifer Hill, Waldo; Marshall Rolerson, Waldo; Megan Pinette, Belfast Historical Society; Leon Seymour, Friends of Fort Knox; Jackson Veterans’ Memorial Committee.

Nov. 10 edition: Tara Demeré, Belfast; John Piotti, Unity; Marina Delune, Belfast; Rep. Veronica Garvey Magnan, Stockton Springs; Erin Herbig, Belfast; Helen Sahadi, Thorndike; Melvin Perkins and Tammy Knowlton, Unity; Montville Historical Society; David Huck, Swanville.

Nov. 17 edition: The Revs. Kate Winters and Joel Krueger, Belfast; Peter Rioux, Winterport; Nancy Hamilton, Belfast; Jayne Crosby Giles, Belfast; Hal Halliday, Belfast; Larry Dansinger, Monroe; Sally Millhorn, Waldo County General Hospital Aid.

Nov. 24 edition: April Small, Monroe; Karen Rak, Belfast; Lynne Rayburn, Belfast; Belfast Area Transition Initiative; The Edna Drinkwater Elementary School Parent Teacher Group, Northport; Donna DeBlois, Kno-Wal-Lin Home Care and Hospice, Rockland.



Dec. 1 edition: Betty Johnson, Lincolnville; Leslie F. Woods, Montville; Patrick Quinn, Winterport; Jim & Patti LeClair, Maine Coast Welcome Center, Belfast; Jamey Kitchen, Rockport resident and hotel manager; Justina Di Taranto, Verona Island.

Dec. 8 edition: David Huck, Swanville; Randolph Mailloux, Habitat for Humanity of Waldo County; Larraine Brown, Our Town Belfast Holiday Promotions; John Pincince, Tanglewood 4-H Camp; Paul Sheridan, Northport; Ron Kennedy, Belfast.

Dec. 15 edition: Leslie Umans, Belfast; The Northport Food Pantry; United Mid-Coast Charities; Lawrene Blair, Ann Marie Hoffman, Michelle Wakeman, Brad Cook, Gail Anthonis and Nancy Raymond, Searsport District Middle/High School; ED Moffitt, Belfast; Sally Millhorn, Waldo County General Hospital Aid, Belfast; Jill Kulbe, Waldo County Home Health & Hospice, Belfast; Don Violette, Brooks.

Dec. 22 edition: Anne Allee, Belfast; Charlene Knox Farris, Searsport; Russ Giddings, Belfast.