A woman who was arrested for shoplifting Saturday, Jan. 22, after she was reportedly caught with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from a local drugstore is now facing drug charges after an investigation “snowballed,” in the words of one police official.

Det. Sgt. Bryan Cunningham of Belfast Police Department said police first had contact with 22-year-old Gina M. Glidden of Washington after store personnel at Rite Aid on Belmont Avenue reported that she had stolen merchandise from the store.

When an officer arrived, he observed Glidden setting down a white paper bag that was later found to have $300.81 worth of merchandise — mostly cosmetics, Cunningham said — and Glidden (after initially giving a false name to the officer) was arrested on charges of shoplifting and violation of condition of release.

Upon arrival at the Waldo County Jail, Glidden was found to have another $164.21 worth of merchandise from Rite Aid on her person. Additionally, she was found to be in possession of prescription drug bottles not in her name. Those medications, it turned out, had been reported stolen by an Augusta man Jan. 22.

Cunningham said Glidden attempted to conceal some of the drugs she had in her possession when she was first brought to the jail, despite a jail official repeatedly asking her if she had anything else on her person.

Glidden was arraigned on the shoplifting charge Monday, Jan. 24, and Cunningham said she entered a guilty plea on that charge. The violation of condition of release charge was dropped, Cunningham said, after it was discovered the bail conditions she was thought to have violated were found to have been out-of-date.

Cunningham said Glidden is now facing two drug possession charges — one for possession of schedule W drugs, and another for possession of schedule Z drugs — as well as a felony charge of trafficking in prison contraband. The contraband charge, Cunningham explained, is a result of Glidden not disclosing all the drugs she had on her when she was brought to the jail.

During the course of his investigation, Cunningham said, he discovered Glidden was staying with her boyfriend at a motel in Belfast. Cunningham also learned they had a one-month old child with them, which prompted police to look more closely at the situation.

“Our biggest concern was that there were two people doing drugs in a motel in Belfast with a young child,” Cunningham said.

Cunningham, who learned the boyfriend had bail conditions out of Knox County, went to the motel to conduct a bail check. Glidden’s boyfriend — 28-year-old Joshua Weston, of Washington — was found to be in possession of schedule W drugs. He was arrested for violation of condition of release, as well as the drug possession charge, and was additionally charged with the sale and use of drug paraphernalia.

Cunningham said a variety of drug paraphernalia was discovered in the motel room where Glidden and Weston were staying, including needles and a mirror with drug residue on it.

Police are continuing to investigate how Glidden came into possession of the prescription medications belonging to an Augusta man.

The one-month old child, meanwhile, was taken by Glidden’s mother following Glidden’s arrest.