The Mount View wrestling squad finished its regular season Jan. 22 with a trip to Mount Desert Island. There, in Bar Harbor, the ‘Stangs left the quad-meet with three wins and a proud coach. In all, the Waldo County squad wrestled one of its strongest meets of the season.

Mount View beat Mattanawcook Academy of Lincoln 54-24, Piscataquis of Guilford 45-27 and host Mount Desert Island 56-18. However, the ‘Stangs lost to Caribou, 78-6.

With the day’s wins Mount View finished its regular season 12-13.

“Team-wise, this season represents our best recent finish and continued improvement for the program since our ‘Ground Zero’ rebuild season,” said coach Hamilton Richards. He said in 2007-08 his wrestlers had only one team dual-meet win, raised it to two in 2008-09, seven in 09-10 and 12 this year.

The coach said the trend is positive, especially considering his team will only lose one senior and looks forward to students who have wrestled with the program since sixth grade.

“The future certainly seems to be shaping up for us,” he said.

At the Jan. 22 meet, Richards said he saw strong performances, especially against MDI. He added that, while the score was lopsided “the meet, in actuality, was not,” he said. “On paper we were fairly evenly matched, but their kids definitely looked stronger than most of ours and they were aggressive.”

Richards said he was proud of the team’s effort in all the meets. “As a rule, the kids are getting better off the bottom and in the neutral position; and the wins are coming as a result of that,” he said. “With [Piscataquis] and Mattanawcook Academy, our numbers prevailed.”

The coach highlighted Devan Fuller and Roger Flannery for their strong mat presence.

“Not that they are our most dominating wrestlers, but somehow, when the rest of team is having a hard time they are impervious to it and wrestle hard anyway,” Richards said. “Saturday was no exception, with Devan managing to pull off our lone win over Caribou and going undefeated for the day.”

“He’s getting better on his feet and he’s good at putting and keeping opponents on their back when they make a mistake.”

The squad also competed in the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference championship meet Jan. 29 (see accompanying story).

“The KVACs are going to be tough on us,” he said. “While the kids are all improving and making strides to become more competitive, none are dominating their weight class.”

“It’s a good tune-up for regionals, though … and my hopes are higher for our performance in Class B East,” he said.

The individual Mount View results from the Jan. 22 meet, with Mustangs listed first, were:

103 pounds — Mount View forfeited to Courtney Burns, MA; forfeited to Doug Frongillo, MDI; and forfeited to Amber Kelley, Car; and had a double forfeit with Piscataquis.

112 pounds — Mount View forfeited to Jerry Prabhakaram, Pis; forfeited to Jason Case, Car; and had a double forfeit with Mattanawcook and Mount Desert Island.

119 pounds — Timothy Abbott won by forfeit over Mattanawcook Academy; was pinned by Samual Thomas, Pis, at 1:00; pinned Jonathan Sargent, MDI, at 5:29; and was pinned by Michael Selander, Car, at 1:25.

125 pounds — Roger Flannery won by forfeit over Mattanawcook Academy and Piscataquis; pinned Josh Silva, MDI, at 1:57; and was pinned by Brendon Wood, Car, at 1:38.

130 pounds — Dustin Whitcomb won by forfeit over Mattanawcook Academy, Piscataquis and Mount Desert Island; and was pinned by Dustin Green, Car, at 0:58.

135 pounds — Mark Dolloff pinned Wyatt Tash, MA, at 2:43; beat Elijah O’Connor, MDI, 13-6; and was pinned by Lance Jandreau, Car, at 1:57. Jarryd Fonger won by forfeit over Piscataquis.

140 pounds — Fonger was pinned by Kris Ferguson, MA, at 0:57; was pinned by Ian Stanley, MDI, at 0:38; and was pinned by Lucas Kinney, Car, at 5:08. Dolloff lost to Troy Violette, Pis, 10-6.

145 pounds — Theodore Lawrence was pinned by Ben Ferland, MA, at 1:46; won by forfeit over Piscataquis and Mount Desert Island; and was pinned by Jacob Bither, Car, at 1:03.

152 pounds — Joel Poulin won by forfeit over Mattanawcook Academy; was pinned by Skyler Bailey, Pis, at 0:44; pinned Jeremiah Minctons, MDI, at 3:20; and was pinned by Colby Conroy, Car, at 1:13.

160 pounds — Jake Blanchette won by forfeit over Mattanawcook Academy; beat Jake Folsom, Pis, 10-5; beat Lucas Murphy, MDI, 11-2; and was pinned by Levi Bither, Car, at 1:41.

171 pounds — Jimmy Chase won by forfeit over Mattanawcook Academy. Mount View forfeited to Terrance Thomas, Pis; forfeited to Elias Burne, MDI; and forfeited to Jake Mahar, Car.

189 pounds — Jordan Fowler won by forfeit over Mattanawcook Academy, Piscataquis and Mount Desert Island; and was pinned by Dieion Cavdill, Car, at 0:30.

215 pounds — Deven Fuller won by forfeit over Mattanawcook Academy and Piscataquis; pinned Jacob Briggs, MDI, at 1:26; and pinned Nicholas Michaud, Car, at 3:17.

285 pounds — Ben Kormann won by forfeit over Mattanawcook Academy and Piscataquis; and was pinned by Adam Thibodeau, Car. Tyler Stevenson won by forfeit over Mount Desert Island.

Prior to the KVAC meet, the Mustangs’ overall individual season records were: 119 pounds, Abbott, 18-7; 125 pounds, Flannery, 14-8; 130 pounds, Whitcomb, 15-9; 135 pounds, Dolloff, 13-9; 140 pounds, Fonger, 5-8; 145 pounds, Lawrence, 13-15; 152 pounds, Poulin, 12-14; 160 pounds, Blanchette, 15-10; 189 pounds, Fowler, 10-18; 215 pounds, Fuller, 15-10; and 285 pounds, Kormann, 6-4.

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