The last time anyone had contact with Jeremy Alex was April 24, 2004. On Monday, Feb. 7, the story of Alex’s disappearance in Northport will go beyond Maine’s borders as his story will be told on the Discovery Channel’s Investigation Discovery series “Disappeared.” (Check local cable and satellite listings for channel information.)

Alex, of Lincolnville, was 28 years old when a Northport woman reported seeing him run out of the woods near her house on Bay Ridge Road, off of Route 1. The woman, who had been a staff member at a school where Alex was a student and who recognized him as he emerged from the woods behind her house, told police he appeared to be hallucinating, saying that “bad guys” were trying to hurt him. After she called police for help, the woman said, Alex refused to wait for them and was last seen running down Pound Hill Road.

Despite dozens of leads and tips in the case since 2005, county and state police detectives have said nothing credible explains Alex’s disappearance and his case remains open.

Alex’s parents, Paula Caswell and Ted Alex, have continued their search for answers. Ted Alex has traveled to Maine on numerous occasions, including one time to follow up on leads that he was sighted as well as to participate with police, family and friends in searches of the Northport woods around where his son was last seen.

Ted Alex now attributes his son’s disappearance to drugs, and that Jeremy was spending time with people who encouraged his drug use.

“Jeremy was a good, smart kid,” Ted Alex said in a 2010 interview. “But when you surround yourself with people of that caliber, something is bound to happen.”

As the seventh anniversary of his disappearance draws near this spring, what happened to Jeremy Alex is what the producers of “Disappeared” hope to shake loose from someone watching the show. Through interviews with Alex’s family, friends and acquaintances, the “Disappeared” crew and producers hope to shed new light on bits and pieces of previously unpublished information about the days and hours leading up to Alex’s flight into the woods and what has been learned since that Saturday in 2004 when Jeremy Alex disappeared.