The Mount View sixth-grade boys basketball travel team has completed a standout season in the Central Maine Basketball Conference, earning an 8-1 record and finishing second behind undefeated Messalonskee of Oakland.

Because of a scheduling conflict, Mount View is unable to compete in the end-of-the-season tournament.

Mount View is comprised of Kalvin Croteau, Joey Danna, Devon Davis, Colby Furrow, C.J. Ingraham, Brandon Reynolds, Kevin Richards, Emmett Shell and Jared Taylor.

The Mustangs dominated their opponents throughout the season, averaging more than 53 points and outscoring foes by an average of 23.4 points.The youngsters  shot 81-of-171 (47.4 percent) from the free-throw line for the season.

The team’s only loss came in a thrilling matchup with Messalonskee of Oakland. The game was tied as the final buzzer sounded in regulation, with Mount View losing by four points in overtime.

Head coach Steve Pomerleau and assistant coach Wally Furrow attribute the team’s successful season to the players’ ability to play together and the all-around quality of the squad.

“They are a well-rounded group of intelligent players with diverse talents, from speed, agility and dribbling to strong perimeter and inside shooting,” said Pomerleau.

“The kids are well-disciplined and work together well,” coach Furrow said. “Everyone scores; we don’t rely on just one kid to score.”

In fact, in six of the nine games, all nine Mustangs put the ball in the hoop, while in the other three games, all but one Mount View player scored, a feat unusual for any basketball team, but particularly for players of this young age.

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