A 16-year-old female was transported to the hospital via ambulance just before 8 p.m. Monday, Feb. 7, to be treated for ingesting the nail she was threatening to use to hurt herself.

Belfast Det. Sgt. Bryan Cunningham said employees at Sweetser called police to report an out-of-control teen who was threatening to harm herself with a small metal nail. The youth had also made comments about wanting to commit suicide, Cunningham said.

Sgt. Walter Corey and Patrolman Dan Fitzpatrick responded to the call, and in the meantime, Cunningham said the youth had apparently swallowed the nail. Cunningham said it was not the first time the juvenile had ingested an object that she intended to harm herself with, as the girl had previously been treated for swallowing a screw after a similar situation at the Sweetser facility.

Belfast Ambulance and Rescue personnel also responded to the call, but according to Cunningham, the youth was apparently not interested in obtaining medical attention. As the ambulance arrived, Cunningham said the youth became more combative. As a result, Corey and Fitzpatrick took measures to make sure the juvenile got the treatment she needed, whether she wanted it or not.

“She wouldn’t go into the ambulance; they had to physically carry her into the ambulance,” said Cunningham.