The Friends of Fort Knox, working in partnership with the Maine Department of Conservation’s Bureau of Parks and Lands, has announced that the SyFy Channel’s “Ghost Hunters” TV program has concluded its paranormal investigation of the state historic site.

The investigation and filming began late Feb. 6 when the 19-member production crew arrived at Fort Knox. Leon Seymour, Friends of Fort Knox executive director, provided the investigators a tour of the site and recounted visitor reports of paranormal experiences. After the initial tour and overview, SyFy “Ghost Hunters” stars Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson began their investigation of the fort. Their efforts extended to approximately 3:30 a.m.

The investigation continued the evening of Feb. 7 into the following morning amidst brief snow showers. On the afternoon of Feb. 8, the “Ghost Hunters” production company interviewed individuals who had reported as having a paranormal experience at the fort to the Friends. One of those interviewed by the crew was local radio personality Sky Taylor, who reported hearing various sounds and even seeing an apparition. On Feb. 9, Bureau of Parks and Lands Historic Site Specialist Tom Desjardin provided the production company with a brief history of Fort Knox. The “Ghost Hunters” film crew spent the rest of the day shooting exterior shots of the fort from various locations and some shots of the town of Prospect.

On Feb. 11, Hawes and Wilson, presented their paranormal investigation findings to Seymour. This portion of the investigative process, known as “the reveal,” will be kept confidential until the TV program airs.

“Ghost Hunters” producer Patrick Powell, based in California, told Seymour that he expects the Fort Knox episode to air in late March or April. The Friends of Fort Knox are giving some thought to having a screening party the night the episode airs on the SyFy channel. The organization says that they will release details and how the public may obtain tickets in the near future.

While filming the investigation, the “Ghost Hunters” group stayed at the Four Points Sheraton, Bangor, and kept local food establishments in Bucksport busy with take-out food orders. Their visit was more than a year in the making. It began when the Friends of Fort Knox revived an e-mail from the producer of the program in December 2009. According to the e-mail, the producer was searching the Internet and came upon reports of paranormal activity occurring at the state historic site. Over the past several years, local paranormal investigating groups have approached the Friends of Fort Knox to enlist their help facilitating nighttime research. Some of these paranormal research groups such as Bangor Ghost Hunters, Central Maine Paranormal, East Coast Ghost Trackers and Maine Supernatural have posted their investigation results online.

A good deal of preparation was necessary to ensure that the TV production crew would have easy access to the fort due to the series of local snow storms. Bureau of Parks and Lands’ Park Manager Mike Wilusz, other bureau staff and the Friends contracted local snow removal personnel, plowed, shoveled, removed ice and sanded to provide a safe environment for the crew in the frigid temperatures.

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