If there are three high school wrestling teams who have a literal stranglehold on the top two prizes the state Class B division has offered the past decade-plus, it has been Camden Hills of Rockport, Mountain Valley of Rumford and Belfast.

And that scenario played out again Saturday at the Augusta Civic Center after dozens of matches as Mountain Valley finished first with 168.5, Camden Hills second at 141 and Belfast third at 105 in the state championship meet.

The Falcons spoiled the Windjammers’ bid to sweep league, regional and state titles for the second straight, just as Belfast had done back-to-back in 2008-09.

How dominate have the three teams been at the state level since 2000? Over the past 10 years, Camden Hills/Camden-Rockport has finished first eight times and second thrice; Mountain Valley, first three times and second six times; and Belfast first twice and second three times.

Neither of the local teams may have come home with the state championship hardware, but plenty of Midcoast individuals did secure titles. All individual state champions in each weight class in Classes A, B and C are invited to participate in the New England championships Friday and Saturday, March 4-5 at the New Haven Athletic Center in New Haven, Conn.

For Camden Hills, Tom Cassidy (130 pounds), Brandon Rich (140) and Jacob Powers (160) pinned down state crowns. Rich and Powers are seniors and Cassidy a junior. Powers also was state champion last year, while Rich and Cassidy finish first in the state for the first time.

Also placing for the Windjammers were Rhett Chase, who was second at 215; Connor Winchenbach, third at 103; Coleman Powers, third at 119; and Jacob Halberg third at 285.

For Belfast, Jordan Young (119), Brent Waterman (125) and Kornealius Wood (171) brought home state championships. Young and Wood are seniors, while Waterman is a sophomore. Waterman also was named the outstanding wrestler for the state Class B meet. Wood and Waterman repeat as state champs, while Young had been runner-up three straight previous seasons.

Also placing for the Lions were Evan Drinkwater, who was second at 103; Justin Philbrook, fourth at 145; and Ethan Fitzjurls, third at 152

For Medomak Valley, Stefan Nicholls placed third at 130,

Mount View also had wrestlers in the competition. Camden Hills, Belfast and Medomak Valley also had other grapplers in the state meet.

The team scores were: Mountain Valley 168.5, Camden Hills 141, Belfast 105, Fryeburg Academy 94, Morse of Bath 71, Oak Hill of Sabattus 54, Hermon 37, Caribou 36, Gardiner 35, Ellsworth 30, Wells 29, Maine Central Institute of Pittsfield 28, Lincoln Academy of Newcastle 20, Sumner 18, York 17, Old Town 16, Medomak Valley 14, Winslow 5, Mount View, Mount Desert Island and others no score.

Since 2000, Camden Hills/Camden-Rockport has won state crowns in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 (shared with Mountain Valley), 2007 and 2010, while being state runners-up in 2006, 2009 and 2011. Mountain Valley won, or shared the state title, in 2005, 2006 and 2011 and was runners-up in 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2010. Belfast won state crowns in 2008 and 2009, and was runners-up in 2002, 2005 and 2007.

The individual results for Midcoast competitors (with more to come) were:

103 pounds — Drinkwater, Bel, pinned Kayla Vigue, Win, at 2:22; pinned Paul Campbell, MCI, at 0:40; and lost by technical fall to Connor Sheehan, FA, 16-0 in the championship final. Drinkwater finished second.

Winchenbach, CH, pinned Nicole Burgess, MtVal, at 3:18; lost by major decision to Sheehan, FA, 8-0; pinned Vigue, Win, at 2:33; and pinned Burgess, MtVal, at 1:25 in the consolation final. Winchenbach finished third.

112 pounds — Walker Roberts, Bel, was pinned by Colin Sevigney, Wells, at 2:52; and was pinned by Alex Petersen, Her, at 3:52.

119 pounds — Young, Bel, won by major decision over Josh Mitchell, York, 10-0; beat C. Powers, CH, 3-1; and beat Brandon Gonclaves, Ells, 5-3 in the championship final. Young finished first.

C. Powers, CH, won by major decision over Tommy Cryer, Wells, 9-0; lost to Young, Bel, 3-1; pinned Jake Thornton, MtVal, at 0:32; and beat Gary Stevens, Mor, 5-0 in the consolation final. Powers finished third.

125 pounds — Waterman, Bel, pinned Ryan Buzzell, FA, at 0:47; pinned Brendan Wood, Car, at 2:19; and pinned Cody Magoon, MtVal, at 4:43 in the championship final. Waterman finished first.

Calan Bragg, CH, was pinned by Jackson Howard, Wells, at 3:55; pinned Roger Flannery, MtView, at 0:49; and was pinned by Wood, Car, at 0:48.

Flannery, MtView, was pinned by Magoon, MtVal, at 0:37; and was pinned by C. Bragg, CH, at 0:49.

130 pounds — Cassidy, CH, won by major decision over Jeff Abram, Gard, 12-2; beat Brandon McDougal, Mor, 6-2; and beat Jake Thurston, FA, 5-1 in the championship final. Cassidy finished first.

Nicholls, Med, won by major decision over John Freitag, York, 14-2; lost to Thurston, FA, 9-6; and won by major decision over McDougal, Mor, 12-4 in the consolation final. Nicholls finished third.

D. Philbrook, Bel, lost by technical fall to Thurston, FA, 16-0; beat Freitag, York, 2-1; and was pinned by McDougal, Mor, at 05:58.

135 pounds — Max Bragg, CH, pinned Kirk Hubbard, FA, at 5;15; lost to Wyatt Brackett, Mor, 1-0; and lost to Ryan Gamblin, MCI, 6-4.

Anthony Salisbury, Bel, was pinned by Brackett, Mor, at 0;34; and was pinned by Hubbard, FA, at 3:50.

140 pounds — Rich, CH, won by major decision over Willy Bennett, York, 16-3; pinned Keith Madore, OaH, at 1:43; and won by major decision over Ryan Botting, Her, 11-2 in the championships final. Rich finished first.

Daniel Weiss, Bel, lost by major decision to Keith Madore, OaH, 14-3; and was pinned by Bennett, York, at 2:03.

145 pounds — J. Philbrook, Bel, won by major decision over Zac Abram, Gard, 14-4; lost to Peter Bacchiocchi, FA, 8-2; beat Isaac Young, CH, 5-0; and lost by major decision to Craig Morrill, OaH, 15-4 in the consolation final. Philbrook finished fourth.

Young, CH, lost to Morrill, OaH, 8-2; pinned Sam Lounder, Ells, at 1:28; and lost to J. Philbrook, Bel, 5-0.

152 pounds — Fitzjurls, Bel, beat Jordan Brown, Gard, 7-4; lost to Stefan Emery, FA, 3-0; beat Neal Harrison-Billiat, CH, 4-0; and beat Brown, Grad, 2-1 in the consolation final. Fitzjurls finished third.

Harrison-Billiat, CH, lost to Garrett Perkins, Wells, 6-4; pinned Santos Rodriguez, MtVal, at 1:49; and lost to Fitzjurls, Bel, 4-0.

160 pounds — J. Powers, CH, pinned Patrick Farrall, OaH, at 0:31; won by major decision over Justin Libby, OT, 10-0; and pinned Britton Moholland, MCI, at 2:49 in the championship final. Powers finished first.

Cyril Miller, Med, was pinned by John Goyetche, York, at 2:36; and lost to Levi Colson, Mor, 1-0.

171 pounds — Wood, Bel, pinned Nate Hill, FA, at 3:12; won by major decision over Anthony Batty, CH, 14-1; and beat Taylor Carey, MtVal, 2-1 in the championship final. Wood finished first.

Batty, CH, pinned Brad Stevens, York, at 4:41; lost by major decision to Wood, Bel, 14-1; and lost to Nick Bishop, Her, 4-2.

189 pounds — Peter Kelley, Bel, pinned Ian MacFawn, FA, at 2:25; lost to Sean Marrero, Mor, 6-2; and was pinned by Deion Caudill, Car, at 4:13.

Brandon Graffam, CH, lost to Marrero, Mor, 5-3 in overtime; pinned MacFawn, FA, at 2:30; and lost to Mike Hamm, OaH, 8-5.

215 pounds — Chase, CH, pinned Sam Stone, LA, at 4:12; pinned Nick Wells, OaH, at 3:51; and lost to Christian Durland, MtVal, 6-4 in the championship final. Chase finished second.

Dylan Look, Med, was pinned by Durland, MtVal, at 2:16; and was pinned by Alex Urquhart, Her, at 4:56.

285 pounds — Halberg, CH, beat Noah French, Wells, 4-2; was pinned by Aaron Mitchell, Mor, at 5:12; beat Michael Garland, Ells, 3-1; and beat French, Wells, 3-1 in the consolation final. Halberg finished third.

Gabe Delano, Med, was pinned by Mitchell, Mor, at 3:22; and lost to French, Wells, 10-5.

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