In the yearly February rite of winter, people from all over the world again flocked to the Camden Snow Bowl over the weekend to watch, party or race — or the combination of all three — in the popular, festive 21st annual U.S. National Toboggan Championships.

When the final runs had been made Sunday, Iron Factory in the two-person, Cracker My Ash in the three-person and Four Wingnuts in the four-person categories were the winners.

Additionally, The Rum Runners in the experimental, The Returning Champions in the children’s, 3 Neighborhood Kids – The Sequel in the high school, Half A Ton Of Fun in the college, Hot Women on Wood in the female and Cadavers (with average age of 81 years) in the oldest divisions also were winners.

The team with the best costume was the Royal Dutch National Toboggan Team, captained by Oscar Verest of Camden Harbour Inn.

The divisional results were:

Two-person — 1, Iron Factory, 8.86 seconds first run and 8.85 seconds second run for 17.71 seconds total; 2, Super Fast Ash Lugers, 8.89 and 8.85 for 17.74; and 3, Kansas City Connection, 8.88 and 8.87 for 17.75.

Three-person — 1, Cracker My Ash, 8.82 and 8.84 for 17.66; 2, Medical Miracles, 8.83 and 8.86 for 17.69; and 3, Flying Beer Boys, 8.87 and 8.89 for 17.76.

Four-person — 1, Four Wingnuts, 8.77 and 8.82 for 17.59; 2, Not All There, 8.84 for 17.65; and 3, Weekend Plans, 8.81 and 8.84 for 17.65.

Experimental — 1, The Rum Runners, 8.75.

Kids — 1, The Returning Champions, 8.92.

High school — 1, 3 Neighborhood Kids – The Sequel, 8.75.

College — 1, Half A Ton Of Fun, 8.85.

Female — 1, Hot Women On Wood, 8.92.

Oldest — 1, Cadavers, average of age of 81.

On Saturday, Super Fast Ash Lugers, in the two-person division, had the fastest overall two-run time for the first day’s competition. They had a first run of 8.83 seconds, a second run of 8.69 seconds and an overall time of 17.52.

In second overall were Flying Beer Boys, a three-person toboggan, in 8.81 and 8.84 for 17.65.

The weather over the weekend was nearly perfect to keep ice on the 400-foot wooden chute and there was plenty of ice on Hosmer Pond, where racers were dumped after their fast runs. As usual, a festive atmosphere, with plenty of food, fun, hospitality and zany costumes, was the norm throughout tobogganville as throngs of people enjoyed the event.

The weekend weather started cold in the mornings and later in the afternoon, while being overcast with peeks of sun at times during the three-day event.

And there were plenty of fast, spirited runs down the chute in the two-, three- and four-person divisions on Saturday and Sunday. The four-person teams only took one run Saturday afternoon and returned Sunday morning for their second runs to determine which teams moved onto the finals.

On Saturday, the two- and three-person racers all had the opportunity to take two runs — many stuck with one fast, qualifying run — and the top 30 overall times in each division moved onto Sunday’s championship finals.

The top 75 teams in the four-person division also moved on to the finals, as well as the top five in the experimental division.

The top-10 fastest combined two-run times for the first day (many others had fast single runs and did not attempt second runs) were: 1, Super Fast Ash Lugers, two-person, 8.83 seconds and 8.69 seconds for 17.52 seconds combined; 2, Flying Beer Boys, three-person, 8.81 and 8.84 for 1765; 3, Three Neighborhood Kids — The Sequel, high school, 8.91 and 8.75 for 17.66; 4, Three Empty Mugs, three-person, 8.81 and 8.85 for 17.66; 5, Cracker My Ash, three-person, 8.85 and 8.85 for 17.69; 6, Kansas City Connection, two-person, 8.99 and 8.71 for 17.70; 7, Chute, I’m Out Of Beer, two-person, 8.82 and 8.90 for 17.72; 8, 2 Soggy Boggin Boys, two-person, 8.92 and 8.84 for 17.76; 9, 3 Big Kahonas, three-person, 8.91 and 8.86 for 17.77; and 10, Throbbin Boggin 2, two-person, 8.83 and 8.96 for 17.78.

The fastest run of the day was the second run by Super Fast Ash Lugers in 8.69 seconds.

Links to additional photos from the event will appear later with this story.

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