Good Earthkeeping Organization, a California-based company specializing in environmental remediation, is under contract to buy the former Harborside Graphics building in the Belfast business park, according to a company representative.

If the sale goes through, it will be the second building the company has bought in Belfast in recent months, following the purchase of the former Em Bee Cleaners building in December.

At that time, GEO Chief Operating Officer Grant Geckeler told VillageSoup the company planned to renovate the longtime dry cleaning facility but said there were no concrete plans for what would happen next. His company has considered opening East Coast offices in the building and other options are on the table, he said, but the immediate focus would be on cleaning up and renovating the property.

With regards to the former Harborside Graphics building, Geckeler said the goal is to manufacture parts for light sport aircraft for Luscombe-Silvaire — in which, Geckeler said, GEO’s parent company owns a majority share — and possibly the airplanes themselves.

Luscombe-Silvaire is currently based in Riverside, Calif., but Geckeler said the business could eventually move to Belfast. As an alternative, the Harborside Graphics building could be used exclusively for manufacturing parts.

Geckeler said GEO hopes to close the deal on the building in 30 to 60 days. The sale is partly contingent upon obtaining permits from the Federal Aviation Administration, he said.

The company cleared another hurdle on Feb. 15 when the Belfast City Council granted GEO permission to transport aircraft from the Business Park building to the nearby airport along Airport Road. The company’s request indicated this would happen a maximum of 10 times per month. Geckeler and GEO president and founder Carol Winell appeared at the meeting.

Geckeler said GEO may initially use the building to manufacture equipment used to remove gasoline and other organic toxins from soil, and that the aviation work would likely come later. Assuming the deal goes through, he estimated the business would create roughly six jobs in 2011.

“There will be business activities fairly promptly after closing the deal,” he said. “It won’t be sitting vacant.”