A Liberty man had a loaded handgun taken away from him after he allegedly told police he had it concealed on him following a traffic stop for speeding Thursday, Feb. 10.

Chief Deputy Bob Keating of Waldo County Sheriff’s Office said Deputy Nick Oettinger was on patrol on Route 137 in Belfast when he observed a vehicle that appeared to be going over the speed limit in the 45 mph zone. Oettinger initially clocked the vehicle at 55 mph, according to Keating, and then clocked it at 58 mph.

Oettinger pulled the vehicle over, and when he went to speak with the driver — 30-year-old Daniel C. Randall — Randall reportedly told Oettinger he had a loaded, .45 caliber pistol in a holster underneath his sweatshirt.

Keating said Oettinger asked Randall if he had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and Randall said he did not. Randall reportedly confirmed that he did not have a permit when questioned again later during the traffic stop.

Keating said Oettinger checked for the gun and found it exactly where Randall said it would be. Keating said Oettinger’s report stated the gun was “completely concealed” underneath Randall’s clothing.

When Oettinger checked Randall’s information, he found Randall was not a felon, meaning he could legally possess the firearm, but not in a concealed fashion.

Randall was summoned for speeding, operating with an expired driver’s license (Keating said it expired in November 2010) and carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.

Keating said Oettinger seized Randall’s gun for evidence. Randall was informed that once his case is closed, he can retrieve his firearm from police.