No Umbrella Media, LLC and The Sap Pail Resource have launched an 84-minute DVD heralding those practicing and promoting independent and self-sustaining lifestyles in Maine.

The two small Maine media companies have released “Now We’re Cookin’” the debut volume in the new Sap Pail DVD Pipeline Series. The DVD has eight parts, each of which takes an intimate look inside at the lives of regular Waldo County people.

“With the economic crisis and the movement in our country toward sustainable, interdependent living, this DVD provides a fresh look of life off-the-grid,” said Nick Callanan of No Umbrella Media. “It gives insight to the way that all of us could live with a closeness and respect for the natural world.”

Viewers of the DVD learn about cooking on the wood stove at Hogback Mountain Farm in Montville and go rabbit hunting with Paul Flynn, owner of Freedom General Store.

They visit with Elsie Gawler and the Yentes brothers of North Branch Farm in Monroe and see how young farmers are progressing without foreign fossil fuels.

Viewers go runner sledding with the New England Runner Sled Association of Montville and will be entertained by the humorous work of mason John Billings, also of Montville.

Filming for “Now We’re Cookin’” took place entirely on location in the Waldo County towns of Montville, Monroe, Freedom and Palermo, and the Kennebec County community of China.

The DVD is for sale at independent businesses throughout Waldo County and online at, where there is a 3-minute trailer online.

The film was funded by the filmmakers and by sponsors of the Sap Pail Resource – a popular Waldo County publication promoting local independence and sustainable lifestyles.

The DVD soundtrack features exclusively Maine artists performing stringed folk music. Musicians include Gawler, Tyler Yentes, Cody McManus, Jake Hoffman, Roy Davis and Bernie Nye.

No Umbrella Media’s team of producer Callanan and director of photography Nick Bowie worked with project director G.W. Martin, The Sap Pail Resource’s founder, to conceptualize the vision and artistically formulate a thought-provoking, healthy, inspiring and honest video series.

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