A Midcoast-based pirate crew complete with sailing vessel, cannon and performances throughout the Eastern seaboard is looking for some new buccaneers. They extend an invitation to likely recruits to join them for an orientation meeting and watch demonstrations of piratical skills Sunday afternoon, April 3.

“If yer the sort that likes ta shoot a flintlock, swing a cutlass, fire a cannon or pull the yards on a fast-movin’ sailin’ vessel, then ye might be givin’ some thought ta joinin’ the Pirates of the Dark Rose,” said Capt. Crudbeard, aka Tomm Tomlinson of Rockport, leader of the pirate crew.

Tomlinson added the pirates will be setting off “ta plunder an’ pillage” at festivals and benefits from Key West, Fla. to Eastport this season “an’ those eager for adventure won’t be findin’ no shortage of it with our scurvy bunch!”

The Pirates of the Dark Rose are already well known as performers at Midcoast events such as the Boothbay Boat Builders Festival, Pirate Days at Fort Knox, Windjammer Days in Camden and the Pirate Rendezvous in Damariscotta. Those performances are just a few during their summer season.

Pirates of the Dark Rose performers do everything from pirate songs and hand-to-hand cutlass combat to naval cannon fire from their 55-foot topsail yawl S/V Must Roos. They also use field artillery pieces on shore and have members trained to fire historic firearms. Last, but not least, singers and musicians are also invited to join the crew.

“We’re lookin’ fer those who know these trades, and those who would show a keen interest in learnin’ ‘em,” Tommlinson said. “We’re happy ta teach those who will join us.”

The recruitment and orientation meeting will be held at 1 p.m. at 122 Camden St. in Rockport. For more information on joining the Pirates of the Dark Rose, contact Sandi Bilbo at 596-5568 or sbilbo@roadrunner.com. More about the Pirates of the Dark Rose can be found online at darkrosepirates.com.

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